Sophie Gustafson on Evian: one of her favourite tournaments

Describe your feelings returning to Evian.

Evian is one of my favorite stops, if not the favorite. Frank created a spot for me in 1996 when i had just won in Lausanne across the lake the week before and wasn't in the field from the regular criteria. After that, I have always very much looked forward to coming back to Evian. The whole week is such a great experience!


What are your best memories of the tournament?

I've never had any great success in the event even though I've come close to winning it. I would really love to win Evian before I retire, that would mean the world to me. I honestly don't think I can pick out one memory that is better than the other. It's an evenly great week.


Why is the Evian Masters special?

I personally love the view you have from every hole on the course. I have always loved staying nice at the Ermitage and the Royal. I won't be doing that this year so we'll see if that makes the experience any different.


How does the event rate overall on your schedule?

Top 3, easy!


What are you most looking forward to about the event?

Just being there. As I said, it's such a nice experience from beginning to end and I can't pick one single thing out.


How will you be preparing?

I prepare for Evian as I always do, at home in Sweden hanging out with family and friends. Hitting balls on the range once and maybe play once... very light practice


What are you working on in particular?

My impact position. Trying to be more over the ball at impact and not hanging back so much.


What are your hopes and expectations for the tournament?

Winning would be nice.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 19/07/2011

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