Interview with LET rookie Klára Spilková ahead of the Raiffeisenbank Prague Golf Masters

LET rookie Klára Spilková from Prague discusses playing in her home event.

LET rookie Klára Spilková from Prague poses in the Old Town Square

How excited are you to be playing in the inaugural Raiffeisenbank Prague Golf Masters?

I’m very, very excited because this is my home. I live just 40 minutes from here so I’ve played here a lot of times and I know this golf course. It’s a very nice: it’s new and I really like it.


What are your expectations for the tournament?

In my head is first place but we will see. I think a top-10 would be great. I played well last week in Austria so I think it will be good this week.


How well do you know Albatross Golf Resort?

I’ve played it quite a few times and I know a few things about it, like the bunkers and there greens and everything. I think putting is important because the greens are really hilly and here the wind can be really strong sometimes and that makes it hard to play.


What is your favourite hole?

The par-4 fourth is nice: it plays uphill through the trees and it’s quite a short hole. I like it.


Which players have a good chance here?

I think Zuzana Kamasova because she is home from home: Slovakia is really close and its like a second home for her. I think it will be a really great week for her: I hope so.


What was your preparation before Austria?

I was just practising here and finishing high school. I finished my first year so I’m really, really happy. I have three more years so I was very happy before Austria. I just finished my exams and now I start school, the next year started yesterday.


Did you get to take a holiday?

I went to Greece for one week with my parents.


What subjects did you do your exams in?

Chemistry, biology, mathematics. There are four years and you have 12 subjects and you need everything. I finished my first year.


How do you find combining school studies with professional golf?

It was hard because I changed my golf status and I changed my school so everything is new for me this season, so it’s hard. It’s really different but I like it. The people are nice and the courses are in good condition.


How will you feel teeing up here: will you be nervous?

I think I will be relaxed because it’s my home. I think I will be more relaxed than pressure and I hope there will be a lot of people.


Is this your home club?

This is not my home club but I have played a lot of golf here. The first course before this one (before the venue changed) was Zbroslav and had the Klára Spilková Academy.


Who is here from your team?

Aneta Zárubová, as always (my caddie/media representative); my coach, Pavel Nić, as well as my dad and my family.


Where will you stay this week?

I live right in the centre of Prague in the old town so I’ll be staying at home this week.


How is it being the youngest player on tour?

I always feel a little bit older because I am always with older people. I don’t feel 16 because on tour everyone is treated the same and have the same status because they play. They don’t need to know the age of players: I think and feel like everyone else.






Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 7/09/2011

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