Question of the week: If you could give your parents any gift, what would you give them?

This week the LET member choose the ultimate present for their parents. Holidays and houses were popular!

Caroline Hedwall: A ski vacation with me and my sister.

Mel Reid: A hot tub (my Mum keeps hinting!)

Lee-Anne Pace: A beautiful farm house.

Sophie Walker: My dad to be a scratch golfer (would stop him complaining about his golf) and my mum would be to make her a UK size 10.

Stacey Keating: All the time we’ve spent apart; every birthday missed.

Rachel Jennings: Buy them their dream home on the cliffs of Pennard in the Gower Peninsula in Wales.

Becky Brewerton: A new house.

Sophie Giquel-Bettan: Buy them a house in the south of France near the sea.

Pernilla Lindberg: A summer house somewhere around great golf courses. 

Kristie Smith: A holiday away together and a new car :)

Caroline Masson: A nice Villa in Florida.

Caroline Afonso: All they want, anything that can make them happy.

Christel Boeljon: An apartment somewhere overseas. 

Diana Luna: A travel package to watch golf professional tournaments.

Jaclyn Sweeney: I would give them my first professional win because they have been there and supported me my entire career.

Frances Bondad: A honeymoon. They never had one when they got married.

Klara Spilkova: A flat in Nice.

Danielle Montgomery: Pay the mortgage, and give them enough to retire.

Louise Larsson: An adventure, riding Iceland-horses in nature.

Bree Arthur: A house in Tuscany.

Beth Allen: If I could I would give my mom a really nice holiday so she could relax!

Nikki Garrett: Each of them a holiday anywhere they want first class in a 380.

Lydia Hall: Another one of me, Lol / Pay off their mortgage.

Sandra Gal: I would buy them a house at the ocean.

Anja Monke: To travel to every place in the world.

Rebecca Hudson: A winning lottery ticket! Money isn't important but it helps with anything we want to do.


Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 14/09/2011

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