Second-round interviews from the 2012 Lalla Meryem Cup

Comments from the leading players on day two at the Lalla Meryem Cup.

Marianne Skarpnord 135 (-7) 70 65

Round of the day. How was it from your perspective?

To be honest, I didn’t play that good. I played a lot better from tee to green yesterday but I just didn’t make any putts. I didn’t hit my driver well today at all but I managed to get it on the green and fairly close to the pin and made a few putts.

With that in mind you must be very happy about going into the weekend as potentially leader.

Absolutely. I’m very happy with my score today because to be honest I deserved a good score yesterday and really didn’t deserve six under today, to be honest. That’s how golf is. My putter worked well today and didn’t yesterday and that’s what’s making the score.

How difficult was it mentally after this morning’s delay? Was it difficult to stay focused?

Oh yeah. It was. I think I have been sleeping for about two hours now already but Brian kept me going all the way and we had some chocolate there after 14 holes to get some sugar. It was tough and you get so tired when you sit around and wait and wait and wait. It’s better to play 36 holes than just sit here for five hours and wait, so I find it very difficult.

What will you be trying to do well when you come back tomorrow afternoon?

I have to do some work on my driver tomorrow morning when I get here and hopefully I can get it to go straight again. Just stay positive and focus on every shot and do my best.

Your caddie, Brian. Didn’t you used to work together?

He started with me last year in Australia but he only caddied for me in Australia and New Zealand and then I didn’t play until June so he had to find someone else. I really wanted him back and I’m really glad he is back. He is going to work for me until after China because he also works for that South African guy Garth Mulroy.

Does Brian read the greens for you?


You had a tough time after your injury. What happened and is it better now?

It was very difficult for me to come back and play tournaments. Even though I had practised for a couple of months. It was just very hard for me coming back from America in the first place. I had a really tough year mentally and there have been a lot of things going on outside of the golf course that have taken a lot of my time and focus, but I’m really happy to be back now and be back in Europe. The injury is fine and I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Have you been playing well all year?

To be honest I’ve been hitting the ball awesome for a few months now, I just haven’t made any putts. I’ve really been struggling with the putting so the game from tee to green has been there for a long time, it’s just I haven’t made anything and it’s really destroyed everything. When you putt bad for so long it just affects your other game.

Did you do some special work on your putting?

Yeah, Greenie was here last night and helped me a bit. I was a bit frustrated. He helped me a bit and he’s got a theory on what he feels works and I’m trying that out and hopefully it will work at the end of the day.

He’s not your coach?

No, not at all.

Is he playing in the Hassan Trophy?

Yes. He teed off late today. I think he was out at 1.10 so maybe ten past six.

Jade Schaeffer 136 (-6) 67 69

How did you find it this afternoon?

It was a good round. I am very tired today, probably with waiting so much. Five hours delayed: it’s very big and my game is not very good today but two under: it is fine. The putting is not the same as yesterday but it’s okay: I’m happy.

You’re still in the right position going into the weekend. Are you confident?

Yes, I think so. I have a good feeling with this course and with my game and I try always to win, but we’ll see.

You won a tournament quite recently in Prague. In these situations do you think about that and does that help you at all?

Yes, I think all experience is good for this tournament. I won another tournament; I played a play-off and all experience is good for this situation. Now maybe I prefer my situation because I’m just one shot behind Marianne Skarpnord and I attack now. I hope!

What are the important things to do well this weekend?

Be positive and play shot by shot always and have a good feeling. Smile!

Linda Wessberg (SWE) 138 - 68 70

How do you assess your second round?

It was very much up and down today but I’m very happy. I had five birdies. I had a double on the sixth and made five birdies coming in.

How were the conditions coming in?

I think we were very lucky today. It didn’t look very good this morning and then now it’s barely nothing so it’s nice to be finished and I’m happy with that.

What did you do well?

Probably hit a few more fairways. I’ve been in the hazard twice today so that cost me two shots. I’ve been putting great though so I can’t complain about that.

How does it affect you mentally?

I’ve been here since seven pretty much. I had a second breakfast and then another little snack. I brought a magazine and could read that and a little Angry Birds to keep the hours going, but I’m very tired right now. I just want to go home, have something to eat and hit the bed.

Rebecca Codd (IRL) 139 - 68 71

How were the weather conditions?

It was relatively calm in comparison to this morning. The most wind we had was probably one club and a half. It kept dropping to nothing and then it would gust up again.

It seemed to have changed temperature.

It got cold with four holes to play. If I had a jacket I would have put it on. When we started it was so hot. It was a day of two extremes today.

How about your game?

It started a little bit shaky: birdie, bogey, birdie start, then I steadied up a bit. I struggled a little bit with my short game. There were three up and downs that I left out there so make a couple of them and I’m under par, but I’m happy enough. It’s been a really long day and we’ve been up since half past five so I need some food now I think.

How much of it is mental?

It’s a major part. Especially when you have been here since 7 o’ clock this morning and not teeing off until half one, so you’ve all that time to fill in and then eventually when you do get to tee it up it’s almost like, what am I meant to be doing now? You’ve just got to stay patient and work hard at it.

How are you feeling going into the weekend?

I feel good; I like the course and I’m hitting the ball pretty good so sharpen up a bit on the short game and we’ll see what happens.


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Published: 24/03/2012

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