Third round interviews from the Lalla Meryem Cup

What the leading players said after day three at Golf de l’Ocean in Agadir, Morocco.

Saturday, 24th March 2012

Jade Schaeffer (FRA) 67 69 69

Not spectacular today but solid. Are you frustrated or happy to be where you are?

I think I’m torn. I’m very happy because it’s a good score but I have so many opportunities for birdies close to the hole and I don’t make them. I’m happy to finish the round today, in the dark, but I’m happy.

You made no mistakes on the final two holes in very difficult conditions.

Exactly but I think maybe when you can see the conditions in the area, you are more focused on you and the swing, its maybe better. I don’t know but I told myself that. I’m happy because the last two holes I played par and I’m very happy.

We talked about winning in Prague yesterday. What did you learn from that process and what will you take with you to the tee tomorrow?

I think I learned from this situation too because it’s a very good situation. I think it’s different because I don’t have so many shots in advance and just a good feeling tomorrow. We can see the leader board and if I finish in the top three. I want to win of course, but I tell you last time, it’s slow and in the head it’s difficult. I try it for sure. I attack the same tomorrow.

Marianne Skarpnord (NOR) 70 65 71

Are you satisfied with where you are?

To be honest with you I didn’t play great today. I didn’t hole any putts. I holed a putt on 15 and 16 and that was about it so I didn’t hit it as good as yesterday and the day before so level par for me is just okay.

Looking at the positives you’re right in the mix.

Absolutely. I’ll just go out there tomorrow and enjoy it and do my best.

How difficult was it coming up the last couple of holes? Was that the darkest you’ve played golf in?

Yes, it is. Only the last hole, that was a bit dark. Two more minutes and I don’t think we’d have been able to do it.

I guess it was important to finish.

I’m going to sleep tomorrow.

Karen Lunn (AUS) 72 66 68

Can you talk us through the highlights of that third round?

It’s been a very long day. I think I’ve been at the golf course now for about 13 hours so that’s some sort of record. Yesterday and this morning I played really well. From tee to green I really didn’t miss a shot at all. This afternoon I hit a few bad shots and I think I was probably a little bit tired. The first couple of days were very, very good and I actually holed a couple of putts this afternoon so that kept me in there.

How much does experience help you in a situation like this?

It does, but age doesn’t help you. I was 46 on the Pro Am day and I feel every bit of it today. Concentrating and switching off when you’re in and out like yesterday, hanging around and not getting out on the course until six o’clock last night, it’s important because you learn how to deal with those situations and for sure, that’s a help.

You’ve won already this year. That must give you confidence?

I’ve been playing some really good golf this year without getting… you know, I won one of the events in Australia and I played really well. Most of the events I’ve hit it really well I just haven’t holed the putts and I did some work with my coach last week on my putting. Hopefully it’s starting to come together. I got away with a few this afternoon and got a bit lucky but that’s golf, isn’t it?

How many holes did you play today?

32. I was feeling it on the back nine!

Stefania Croce (ITA) 70 74 63

You had an eight under par 63 today, with no bogeys. Can you talk us through the highlights?

I started on number ten and I had to drop the ball. I dropped the ball in a divot. So I hit my third shot and I holed a putt from three metres to save par. Then I birdied number 11; I birdied number 14 from six feet. I holed a bunker shot on 15 to make birdie with a nine-iron and it was a long bunker shot: that was the best shot of the day. Then I holed a long putt on 16 for birdie and then I birdied number one: easy, three metres. Birdied number two: one metre, number three: one metre. I missed a birdie putt on four. On five and six I missed a one metre putt for birdie and I put it to one foot on eight for birdie. Fortunately I didn’t three-putt number nine. I had a long putt and I made two putts so eight under.

Second round 74, third round 63: what is the difference?

I didn’t make any birdies the second round but I stayed patient. I said, that’s the best I can do, keep calm and focus on the present.

Did you feel there was good golf coming?

I trusted myself. I said the things you are doing are right so keep on doing them.

Do you feel confident that you can win the tournament?

I need to play well. I will focus on every shot and see what happens.

How many holes did you play today?

35 holes.

Eleanor Givens (ENG) 70 67 71

You must be pleased with the way you’ve played so far on your pro debut.

It’s exciting. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It’s my first event so I just came out here, tried to relax and enjoy it. The second round was what helped me a lot. I was minus four so that was a big thing, really.

Today playing in the last group with the leaders. What was that like?

I was nervous at the start but my game’s pretty good and I didn’t really hit my driver very well, especially on the front nine, I was pleased I played the front nine in level par and I kind of had to fight for that so I was pleased because I don’t have any experience in the pro game.

What is the mind set for tomorrow?

I think I’m going to go out and try to play level par or better and try and enjoy it. It’s just an experience and I’ll try and learn and hopefully try and win too, because hopefully I can make a few birdies and be right up there.

What would it be like to win your first tournament?

It would be fantastic, I’d love that, but really I’m aiming for some solid golf. You can’t see what other people are going to do but think about yourself and see what happens really.

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Published: 25/03/2012

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