How often should I get treatment?
15th May 2012 By: 59116
Dr Andrew Levick recaps on the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open and discusses a question that is often asked by players on the Ladies European Tour.

After another brilliant week of sun, kebabs and getting to know a few more of the regular faces on tour, it is time to recap on the week that was Turkey. As I'm winding my way on a bus through the amazing mountains of Cappadocia in Turkey I thought to myself, what can I write about this week? Then I recalled  how many of you over the past few weeks have been asking about how often you should get treated? Now that can in a way be like asking how long a piece of string is. You as individuals are all different with different swings, body shapes, walking styles and outside of golf endeavours, therefore you all have differing needs when it comes to how much treatment you should require.

I must admit I have been quite surprised by the group as a whole as to how infrequently  you actively seek out treatment, after all this is your profession. When asked by my patients I like to use the analogy of getting your car serviced...the more you use it, the more it needs a little TLC, and you girls are no exception.The combination of the repetitive and one-sided nature of the golf swing and the huge amount of miles that you clock up in a week has a cumulative effect overtime and therefore means the body is constantly under stress. 

So, to answer the question it all depends on the individual. I believe all of you should be getting at least a massage every week, if not every other week. You should be seeing someone like myself (Osteo, Physio or Chiro) on a monthly basis, particularly in the busy playing months. Both massage and Osteo/Physio/Chiro treatment are complementary and work well in tandem for most people. Now speaking of massage I am looking at trialling a massage therapist on tour as it is service that I believe is needed while on tour and is something that many of you have been asking for for quite some time now. So it will be interesting to see how well received the service is, so look out for  more info as to when that service will be up and going. If all goes to plan, the Rotterdam Tournament may be the first event we kick it off. In my practice back in London, I work very closely with my massage therapist and I plan to do the same on the Tour.  

So for those of you who are yet to have been treated by myself, get in and lets see how we can help your body's/swing mechanics. Perhaps ask some of those who have been fortunate or unfortunate enough to have seen me and they can maybe explain what I have been focusing on. Many of you have altered upper and lower rib mechanics and pelvic dysfunctions which in turn effects shoulder rotation, position and flexibility which as all of you know is vitally important to the golf swing.  

I will be covering some of these topics as time goes on and will give you a few tips on how YOU can help these areas as well. 

Enjoy the week off and see you in Munich. 

Dr Andy  


Dr Andrew Levick (Ladies European Golf Tour Osteopath & Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre Clinic Manager)



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Published: 15/05/2012

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