Klara Spilkova answers our Olympic Games Questionnaire

Czech teenager Klara Spilkova talks about her favourite sports and athletes.

Czech teenager Klara Spilkova talks about her favourite sports and athletes.

Did you follow the London 2012 Olympic Games?

Yes, I did.

What is/are your favourite/s Olympic Sport?

My favourite Olympic sports are athletics and rowing.

Who are your favourite Olympic sportwomen/men? Why?

Barbora Špotáková and Roman Šebrle. Because they are good athletes and they are from Czech Republic.

What sport or event do you like to watch during the Olympics?

I watched on swimming, athletics and volleyball.

Your favourite moment at London 2012 and why?

When Barbora Špotáková won her discipline – javelin throw.

Which Olympic Games you liked the most and why?

I don´t have a favorite one I like all. Winter and also summer.

Do you practice currently or have you ever practiced any other Olympic Sport, apart from golf?


What is your favourite moment ever at any Olympics Games?

When Bolt won the sprint.

Have you met any other Olympic medal Sportmen/women apart from Vera Shimanskaya? Who and when?

Yes I met Czech athletes Roman Šebrle and Kateřina Neumanová on the golf course.

If you were not a golf professional, what other Olympic Sport would you have liked to practice?

I think athletics.

If you had not dedicate your career to golf, in which other Olympic Sport you think you would have succeeded?

I think figure skating.

How do you think golf will change from 2016 after becoming a new Olympic Sport?

I think golf will be more popular after that and people will know more about it.


Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 28/08/2012

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