Barbara Genuini answers our Unconventional Chic Questionnaire

We hear from Barbara Genuini ahead of the Lacoste Ladies Open de France.

When you think of Lacoste, you think of..... I think about sport, especially class and sobriety and lately unconventional chic attitude!

Your favourite Lacoste accessory... my favorite accessory is my little croco caps that I put on the green in various countries on tour.

Your favourite Lacoste garment... my favorite clothes are my little skirt which are twirling in the wind

The Lacoste crocodille reminds me of... it reminds me of old time when people knew how to dress high class with nothing superficial.

When you think of Biarritz, this place reminds you of... it reminds me of surfing, big and long beaches and a real place where people are having fun.

Is this your first time in St Jean de Luz, “Pays Basque”? I've been there few times and especially for golf!!!

Your clothing style... my clothing style is a mix of sportswear in the day and more feminine at night like dresses and heels.

Your make up... my make depends too on the time of the day, light for sport and more glamorous at night.

Your colour... my favorite colour is not one... it's black.

Your fantasy... my fantasies are various and really crazy in general.

Your day cream... it is avene, a real protection when you work outside.

Your favourite French expression is : I love this expression" Et voila".

Your favourite French tradition... my favorite French tradition is to have a good and fresh baguette at every meal.

Your favourite French food... I love to eat a tasty boeuf bourguignon or every meal which are cooked for long hours.

Your favourite place in France... it's a little island called Corsica, it's called the island of beauty and it's a real paradise not only for the quality of life but also for the eyes.

Your petit-déjeuner... it's all about a fresh baguette, some orange juice and some cafe-latte

Your dessert... my favorite dessert is a yummy "foret noire".

Your rêve (dream)... my dream is to know that the people I love are happy!


Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 2/10/2012

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