Beth Allen of the USA reflects on the Ryder Cup

We chatted with USA’s Beth Allen about the Ryder Cup at the Lacoste Ladies Open de France.

We chatted with USA’s Beth Allen about the Ryder Cup at the Lacoste Ladies Open de France… and this is what she said:

I watched the Ryder Cup with my friend Jenny who caddies for me sometimes. We were at her golf club in Scotland and watched all the days. I was really happy...until Sunday night...

In your opinion, what have been the keys of this European victory?

I think the Americans helped them out a bit, they maybe got nervous and could it been a little bit of a gift.....but the Europeans, obviously, when they won the first 5 matches (on Sunday Individual Matches), they put a lot of pressure on the rest of the Americans and made it a big difference because they knew they got to win their points...and their mentality had to change a lot...

Who do you think were the most important EU players during the event? And best performance?

The best performance from a European player was Colsaerts on first day, when he was 10 under.... and the most important European player...I guess Justin Rose when he beat Phil Mickelson, I thought that it was a major turning point, when he made those two good final putts, especially the one on the 17th. That was really, really important. And obviously, Rory...and Poulter (although I do not like him)....

Who do you think has been/have been the most important USA player/s during the event? And best performance?

The best player in the US Team was Dustin Johnson and Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson obviously were really unbeatable with the teams...I felt really bad for Mickelson in the singles. He looked like he was going to win, but he finally did not do it. Phil is very important for the team and his Ryder Cup records are very good....I think he did a good job, but....

Is there any player (EU or USA) who you would expect better performance this edition?

I thought that Stricker would do better in the singles...he missed a lot of short putts that he usually makes and same with Furyk...I think Davis Love III put them on those spots because he thought they were reliable and they were that it why I think they were really disappointing.

Regarding the EU Team, I think Westwood it was pretty disappointing and obviously Tiger, for the Americans, not winning a point at all... crazy...

Did you like Europe's strategy and pairings? And what about USA’s strategy?

I guess I did not pay attention to European’s strategy as much as I did to Americans’...I thought Davis Love did a really good job....and a lot of people are saying that Mickelson-Keegan should play on Saturday afternoon again. Maybe this could make a small difference and we could win those afternoon fourballs 3-1 again, instead of 2-2. But, in general, I think Davis Love made the right thing and that was his players who disappointed him.

If you were Ollie, is there anything you would have done differently?

I don't know...and I don’t think so. I think they were behind because the Americans did really well, not because any bad decision.

If you were Davis Love III, is there anything you would have done differently? None....

Your speech to players before Final Day....after the adverse result, if you were Ollie...what would you tell your players to help them face the final day?

Obviously, they were really responding to “Seve” I am sure that was really motivating for them. So I would have mentioned him and I would have make sure that everyone knew that it was still possible....I would have told them to stay positive and just be as motivated as they could, because it was a difficult and tough task...

Your speech to players before final day....after the adverse result, if you were Davis Love...what would you tell your players to help them face final day?

I would have told them to not lay up and beat them as bad as they could, because, that it’s what you are supposed to do! Not to lose concentration...Every point is important!

Did you think that after Day 2 and result 6-10, the EU victory was still possible?

Yes, I did...I really thought that it could happen, not impossible. I knew that it would be close...

Your favourite moment/moments

There were not many...I am a huge fan of Phil Mickelson and I love Keegan Bradley...I think he is great and love them together. I really like to watch them....dominating on Saturday morning. That was probably my favourite moment that day. And the only moment on Sunday, I remembered when Dufner making a long putt...but Saturday was my favourite day for sure....

Is there anything that you have learnt from Ollie? And from Davis Love?

Not really.... I know that Ollie is a very passionate guy and he would be a very good captain ....and I know that everybody has a lot of respect for him. Perhaps I learnt : Not to give up...anyone did.

Your lesson......Is there anything that US team and you should learn from this edition?

I learnt that these guys, the Americans, like Furyk and Stricker, that sort of pressure gets to them even more than even I thought.... Even Webb Simpson, on Sunday, he shanked it on the par 3, and he won the US Open this year! and he never had shots like that... This showed me that it is so special to them...and makes me really proud to be American. I am sure all the Europeans are the same. I always knew that there was such a pressure, but this time was even more evident!

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 3/10/2012

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