Lorena Ochoa: Unconventional Chic Questionnaire

Lacoste ambassador Lorena Ochoa discusses her fondness for all things French...

When you think of Lacoste, you think of…

In a family of athletes and winners, people who has a great tradition and always linked to the sport world.

Your favourite Lacoste accessory is …

I love perfumes

Your favourite Lacoste garment is…

Golf  T-shirts

The Lacoste crocodile reminds me of....

Winning people

When you think of Biarritz, this place reminds you of...

A place with a great tradition

What is your clothing style ?

Classic and sporty, I feel very identified with Lacoste

What kind of make-up do you like to use?


What is your favourite colour?

I like bright colors like orange and green

What is your fantasy ? What would you dream to do ?

With a lot of this… one of them is continue with my Foundation project and be able to support education of children and young people with limited means.

Your day skin-cream ?

I used the Toulouse Pharm Cream at night and day…it just distributed in México now.

Your favourite French tradition ?

I love the French food

Your favourite French food ?

Baguettes and desserts

Your favourite place in France ?

I love Paris

Your favourite breakfast ?

Eggs with mushrooms and cheese

Your favourite French dessert…

I love  tarte tatin

Your dream...

Enjoy every moment of my life; enjoy my family, my son, my friends and my personal and professional projects.  

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 6/10/2012

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