Quick 18 with Virgina Espejo, from Spain.

Getting to know a little better top players at Lalla Aicha Tour School 2013 Final Qualifying. We met here Virginia Espejo from Spain.

We chatted with top players on leaderboard at Lalla Aicha Tour School 2013 Final Qualifying and this is what Virginia Espejo, from Spain, answered to our Quick 18 questionnaire.

Front 9

1. Tell me something most people don't know about you? Although I seem to be very open person, I am really very shy and . timid.

2. What would you like to do for a living if you are not a pro golfer? I would like to work on something related to my career, Maths, so maybe golf club design…Something to do with golf & Maths.

3. Education? I attended University of Mississippi and I was there from beginning 2007 to end of last year. I graduated in Maths.

4. How many and which languages do you speak? I can speak 2, English and Spanish.

5. Who would be in your dream foursome? I can’t say only four people! McIlroy, my father and third one would be different, depending on the day. So, today’s would be my friend Patricia Lobato who could not play here this stage.

6. What is your favourite activity you do when you want to relax? I like to do any kind of sport or watch movies.

7. Do you have a favourite TV commercial or series? “Big-Bang Theory” and “A modern family” are my favourite TV series.

8. What invention do you wish you had thought of? Chupa-Chups (lollipups).

9. Favourite gift you have received and from who? Yes, this bracelet that Patricia Lobato gave it to me few weeks ago. Since I wear it, I have played under par every round.

Back 9

10. What’s your favourite tradition in your country that you love doing? On Christmas, my family and some of my aunts and uncles come to our home in “El Escorial” (Madrid) and we meet all there. We spend the 24th and 25th all together and we have dinner in front of the fireplace and on 25th we have lunch again, a special lunch. We eat duck.

11. When and how did you started to play golf? I started to play golf when I was 13 at “Las Rejas” (Madrid). I used to play basketball but I got injured and had some problems with my knees. At that time, a friend of my father offered me the chance to start to play golf and he gave me a set of clubs. So I got addicted to it. One of the persons that encourage me to play was Freddy Lilly and alos Miguel Carrasco. And my first teacher was Maria Martin (sister of famous golf pro Miguel Angel Marín).

12. Best round ever? -6, today’s round here at Al Maaden (Day 2 on Tour School Final-Q)

13. Best part of your game? Any Yardage in particularly that you are an expert? The driving, I am very long with the driver and I love to practice it.

14. Weakest part of your game? My strategy.

15. Driving distance? 255-265 meters.

16. Putting average? 30 putts aprox. on 10-15 events that I have attenden this year (Banesto, LETAS and some local pro tournaments in Madrid).

17. Any hole in one? Yes, one when I was 16. It was a lucky shot.

18. Your favourite course? This one, Al Maaden.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 15/12/2012

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