Quick 18 with Emily Perry from New Zealand

We caught up with Emily Perry while she was playing in Lalla Aicha Tour School Final Stage for 2013.
Emily Perry


1.      Tell me something most people don't know about you?

I just turned pro the other day!

2.      How did you get into golf?

My step-dad got me into golf. It was either surfing or golf and I chose golf. I’ve been playing since I was 13 and I’m now 21.

3.      What encouraged you to continue playing?

I went to a school that had a driving range facility so I’ve been going to that school, St Peter’s school, ever since. My partner, I’ve been with him for five years, so he kept me going a lot. He’s a pro on the New Zealand Tour, Jonathan Huntley.

4.      What was your first golf club and teacher?

The Lochiel Golf Club. I’ve been there since I was 13 and they let me hold a fund raising tournament to come here, so that was really nice. My coach is Steve Jessup from Wairakei Golf Club in New Zealand. We’ve been working together for about five months.

5.      Where are you from?

I’m from Cambridge in the North Island.

6.      Best round, when and where?

I had eight under at my home club, Locheil, which was really cool. Six under in competition.

7.      Best part of your game?

My strength off the tee. I hit it a long way! I’d say about 250 metres. Recently my putting has improved a lot.

8.      Shot you love to practice?

I love hitting driver, to be honest.

9.      How many holes in one?


10.  Favourite golf course in Europe?

I really enjoyed Carnoustie when I played there in the British Amateur this year.

11.  Any friends already on this Tour?

I know most of the Australian girls, Whitney Hillier, Breanna Elliott, Caitlin Must, we’ve been supporting each other through, which has been nice! A few of the English girls from amateur golf, too.

12.  Any superstitions when playing golf?

I always wear my jewellery when I play golf.

13.  First time at Tour School?


14.  Age you broke par?

I think I was 15.

15.  What’s in your bag?

Cleveland all the way though and then an Odyssey putter.

16.  Who is on your team?

I’ve got Steve, my coach, David Galbraith is my sports psych, I have various other people. I’m not home very often.

17.  Do you have a base in Europe?

I’ve got family in London, so I go over there sometimes. I was actually born in England so I have dual citizenship, which is quite handy. I was eight when I moved to New Zealand. My dad still lives in England and most of my famil but my golf will always be from New Zealand.

18.  Why do you play golf?

I guess I play for the challenge that it gives me personally mentally more than anything. You get to travel the world and visit the most amazing places and meet really cool people.

A couple of extra holes…

19.  What would you like to do if not golf?

I like psychology or early childhood teaching.

20.  Have you been to university?

I haven’t yet but I would like to go in the future.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 16/12/2012

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