Getting to know Babe Liu

An interview with Babe Liu from Chinese Taipei who tied for 36th place at the LET's Lalla Aicha Tour School for 2013.

How did you get into golf?

I was 11 or 12 years old and I was a basketball player but my mom didn’t want me to be a basketball player. That’s why I chose golf, because I think I can play golf for a long time. I think it’s a really interesting sport and you just walk all the time, not getting too tired.

How old are you now?

I am 19 years old.

Where are you from?

Tao Yuan City, Taiwan.

Can you tell us about your name?

My mum chose this name for me because she always called me Babe when I was young. She said, why don’t you use ‘Babe’ on tour? I used my Chinese name for a while but she thought Babe would become famous because it’s easy to remember. I was like, okay, why not? I’m just using Babe now.

When did you first break par?

I think I was 15 and I shot 70 or 71, which was just lucky that day.

Who influenced you to play golf?

We just have a golf team at school and my dad thought that was interesting and asked me to play. He can also play with me, so that’s why I started to play golf.

What do you do to relax?

I like reading and hanging out with my brothers if I’m not playing golf or practising.

What is your dream in golf?

My dream is to become the top player in the world. When I started to play golf, at that time Annika Sorenstam became really famous and I told my mum I would play with her but now there is no chance!

Do you know your countrywoman Yani Tseng?

No, when I started playing she was already playing in the States so I didn’t have a chance to meet her but I’m looking forward to playing with her.

What’s your best ever round?


Any hole-in-ones?

I had two.

What is the best part of your game?

I hit the ball far and my ball flight is a fade, which not a lot of girls can do. I just try to keep hitting a fade because I don’t like the hook. I don’t think it’s that good for control. You can hit far with hook and draw but I think fade is like more control. I like fade more.

What is your average driving distance?

My average driving distance now I think is like 260 probably and sometimes I can hit further if I hit the ball.

How tall are you?

I’m 175cm. That’s pretty tall in Asia and I think it’s good for golf because not too short, not too tall.

What else do you like to do?

I have two brothers and sometimes if I don’t play golf I will go play basketball and tennis with them.

How did you hear about the European Tour?

I have friends who played on the European Tour a few years ago from Japan.



Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 6/01/2013

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