Interview with Benedikte Grotvedt from Norway

Getting to know LET Rookie Benedikte Grotvedt from Norway, an ex figure skater and snow boarder before she took up golf at the age of 21.

LET Rookie Benedikte Grotvedt of Norway finished tied for 43rd place with a total of -3 at the LET's Lalla Aicha Tour School Final Qualifying which gives her a 9b exemption category.

Tell us something people don’t know about you. 

They call me Boo. I live in Florida, Orlando, but I’m from Norway.  

How did you get into golf?

My dad started playing golf and took me to the driving range and I started hitting balls. I didn’t start until I was 21 and I’m now 32. I didn’t think about golf at that time because I was working three jobs and college in Oslo. I was studying business information technology management.

How long did it take to get down to scratch?

Not long. I think it was 2002, 2005. I didn’t play much the first year at all so when I got into it, it went quickly. I’ve always been into sports as an ex figure skater and snow boarder. I did figure skating until I was 19. I think I did my last national championship in ’98 or ’99. I stopped through injuries. I had asthma and bad knees.

What is your club now?

Rio Pinar in Orlando and Drammen just outside Oslo. It’s the next city from Oslo. I’m from Mesbru, right outside Oslo.

What’s your lowest round ever?

In competition, 65, in the US a couple of years ago. I turned pro in December 2008 and played my first year 2009.I played as an amateur a few events the year before. I have a couple of 11s on the Symetra Tour but no top 10s yet.

What’s the best part of your game?

Scrambling. I keep fighting till the end!

How many holes in one?

I had four in 13 months. I got on a roll!

Favourite golf course in Europe?

A course called Harmony outside Orlando and the TPC in Connecticut was amazing to play.

Any superstitions when playing golf?

I try not to, but I’m sure I have some. Nothing major.

What’s in your bag?

A little bit of everything. TaylorMade woods and hybrids. Ping irons and Cleveland wedges and a Callaway putter.

Why do you play golf?

Because I love the game!

What do you do to relax?

Go ice skating. The feeling of being on the ice is special to me. It’s funny because I have my skates in Florida and I go ice skating indoors and play golf outdoors and then I went home for a couple of days and I was skating outside and playing inside.

Favourite time of year?

The fall, because of the colours.

Your dream?

To be as good as I can be, playing golf.  You sacrifice a lot playing this game so you want to accomplish as much as you can.



Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 11/01/2013

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