Q&A with Lucy Davies

The LET met Lucy Davies whilst she was competing in the Lalla Aicha Tour School for 2013.

1.      How did you get into golf?

My dad got me started. My dad’s from Scotland and I was a track runner at first and he told me, do you want to run around a track or do you want to have a nice life, play golf everywhere and do that sort of stuff, so that’s what got me into it. I was born in London but currently live in LA with my family.

2.      Who was the person to encourage you to continue playing

My dad, but it was more me: I like to compete and it was just something I like to do and keep doing as long as I can.

3.      First golf club and teacher

I started when I was 15 in high school at Granada. We just played the local courses. They had a pretty good junior programme over in LA. My first teacher was a guy named Rich. My dad was my teacher but Rich helped me out. My dad was a good player at one point but doesn’t really play anymore. I played for the high school in my last two years.

4.      Best round, when and where

The one I can remember was a 69 at a golf course called Tierra Hada, near home. It was in a men’s tournament and the best one I can think of.

5.      Best part of your game? Any Yardage in particularly that you are an expert?

This week I would have to say driving is the best part. Best yardage is 154 yards, I would hit cut six iron.

6.      Weakest part of your game?

I could have holed a lot more putts this week.

7.      Driving distance?

I was about 260 yards this week on average.

8.      Putting average?

Around 32, 33.

9.      How many holes in one?

One. This course called Ridgeline for Futures Tour School a few years ago. My second tour school I played in.

10.  Favourite golf course in Europe?

I like Wentworth, but actually Kiev Golf Club in Ukraine was really good. That one sticks out in my mind because I thought that was a really good course.

11.  Any friends already on this Tour?

Tara Dayer-Smith, Monique Smit, Gemma Webster, who was in the last one.

12.  Any superstitions when playing golf?

I don’t like to change my ball if it’s going okay.

13.  Age you broke par

In the middle of college, around 20.

14.  What’s in my bag?

I’m hitting the TaylorMade R11 S at the moment. Rocketball Hybrids. R11 3-wood and the Srixon irons, the same ones Graham McDowell plays with: ZTX, TaylorMade wedges and an MLA putter. I use a Srixon Z Star ball, the yellow one.

15.  Your team would be composed of ...

My dad, who is my mentor. I’ve got a putting coach and that’s about it: Greg Billington. No swing coach at present. My cousin was my strength and conditioning coach: Kurt Vasquez and then my boyfriend, Chris Hand, is my caddie.

16.  Why do you play golf

I just enjoy it.



Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 4/01/2013

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