"Old times" by Brune Parado, best story and named as "Our Best Fan" in 2012.

Top 3 stories were selected in order to find the Tourīs best fans. "Old Times" by Brune Parado, from France won the 1st prize followed by Steve Higgins and Charlie Maxwell.

"Old Times" by Brune Parado

Brune together with Laura Davies and Alison Nicholas at "Old times"

"Since I was six years old I have been playing golf. It all started with my dad’s Friend creating a tournament for the ladies in France. Since 1994 I have been going to this tournament and following some of the best ladies in the world. I was 7 when I started to be a marshall on the course and that for many years. Back in 1994/1995 there was no rope and I was literally sitting on the edge of the green while watching those girls rolled the ball in.

My favourite of course was Laura Davies:


Brune with favourite player: Laura Davies

I have been since that moment a fan of golf and especially of Ladies golf. I play myself very often now.
As you probably have guest by now this tournament is the Evian Masters.
I have worked for the organisation for five years and will probably work next year as it will be there first year as The evian Championship. Finally becoming a major. I work for that tournament for the love of golf and in memory of the old days.


Brune with Annika at "Old Times"

I am a golf lover and forever will be.

I can proudly say I was there when Laura won in Evian and I was there when Laura played in the soccer match! For the love of golf and Evian ! :) "

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 1/01/2013

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