Quick 18 with LET Rookie Lisa Anderson from Sweden

Getting to know Lisa Anderson, who hopes to hone her game on the LETAS and LET in 2013, her first year on tour.

1.       Tell me something most people don't know about you?
I’ve noticed that I don’t use my little fingers when I work with my hands. If I’m going to grab or hold something or write on a keyboard for example. And I can wiggle my little toes (while the other four don’t move) so I guess something got wrong with my little ones : )

2.       What would you like to do for a living if you are not a pro golfer?
I would do something that I would have a quite big responsibility in. Something which I can decide myself how to work with. Probably something with people and development. I also would like to have the chance to travel in my work. Maybe some kind of golf coach.

3.       If you could possess any super human power what would it be?
It would be fun to be able to read people’s minds.

4.       Education? Which University and degree?
I’ve studied on the Scandinavian School of Golf (in Halmstad, Sweden) and I have a degree in Sport Science and Sport Psychology.

5.       How many and which languages do you speak?
I speak Swedish, English and a little bit of Spanish.

6.       Who would be in your dream foursome?
Annika Sorenstam, Tiger Woods and Adam Scott.

7.       What is your favourite activity you do when you want to relax?
I like to watch a movie or TV series. It makes me feel that I have some time off.

8.       Do you have a favourite TV series?
I used to watch The OC but now I’ve seen all the episodes so now I have to get a new favourite.

9.       What invention do you wish you had thought of?
The internet.

10.   What are your expectations in 2012 and targets when playing in the LET?
I want to establish myself on the LETAS and hopefully play a few LET-tournaments.

11.   Best part of your game? Any Yardage in particularly that you are an expert? Weakest part of your game.
It varies but generally my best part is my putting and the weakest are my bunker shots.

12.   Favourite shot you love to practice?
Short pitches.

13.   Lowest round ever, where and when?
-4 on the LET Q-School 2012.

14.   How many holes in one?

15.   Favourite golf course in Europe?
Hmm, difficult one... Maybe The Old Course just because of the atmosphere there.

16.   Any friends already on this Tour?
Yes, in particularly all the Swedish girls and a few others.

17.   Any superstitions when playing golf?
No, and I don’t want create any of those either : )

18.   Your team would be composed by (coach, physical trainer, manager…..)
Carl Magnusson (headcoach and swing), Fredrik Wetterstrand (coach, putting and a little bit of everything) and Christian Sandström (physical trainer).

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 28/02/2013

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