Women in Sport Questionnaire: Sahra Hassan

The month of April is dedicated to female sport, looking at our players' favourite other sports and female athletes.

Do or did you practice any other sport apart from golf? 
Yes, I played tennis from the age of four and finished at 13. I still play for fun and keeping fit.
What is/was your level in that sport?
I played for Wales and Great Britain schools. Tim Henman attended the British Schools Championships to give us coaching and the chance to meet him. I was selected to also play at Wimbledon, to warm up world class players before they started their matches. I warmed up the William Sisters, Tim Henman, Pete Sampras and Greg Rusedski.
What could you tell us about following sports?
   - Soccer  - Soccer is a great fast moving sport and also a physical sport, just enough contact that you can get out some aggression without having the sport focus around it.
   - Athletics - I'm not a huge athletics fan but I loved watching the Olympics. Very exciting.
   - Tennis - Tennis is awesome because its Player A against Player B, that's it. Two players play the full match. There is nowhere to hide. There are no team mates to pick up the pieces if a player is having an off day. The two players are constantly playing offense and defence.
   - Beach Volleyball - I don't know much about beach volleyball but I love playing it for fun.
   - Horse Riding - Again I don't know much and I'm scared of horses!
   - Surf - Surfing has never appealed to me, looks amazing but I never follow it.
   - Basketball - I've just started following basketball so still learning!
   - Skiing - Don't know anything!
   - Figure Skating - No idea!
   - Sailing - Again not a clue!
   - Field Hockey - Field hockey seems a very aggressive sport, I've only played once and never again!
   - Gymnastics - I don't follow gymnastics but I loved watching the Olympics, very exciting.
   - Swimming - Again I don't follow swimming but loved watching the Olympics.
Compare golf with other sports you like. Which one do you think is the toughest?
Golf and tennis are both tough sports in completely different ways. Tennis players must have exceptional cardiovascular fitness and strength and stamina. And hand eye and foot eye coordination. Also requires a lot of skill. However golf, you need to be fit too, we play all weather conditions, different types of courses, hilly, long etc and very high temperatures. We also have to master 14 different clubs, with tiny sweet spots on challenging fairways, rough, bunkers, tricky greens and changing weather conditions. You need to have a lot of skill too. Tennis, you can have a 'mulligan' second serve, where in golf you can't, you only get one go. Perhaps tennis is more athletic and physical than golf but I think golf is the toughest sport because of the mental side of the game. There is nothing in sports more terrifying than standing over a 3 foot putt for £100,000 or for the Ryder Cup/Solheim Cup. You have to be in complete control of your emotions and be mentally strong enough to do that.
Who is your favourite Sportswoman outside golf? 
My favourite sportswoman is Serena Williams. She has always been my idol. Having the opportunity to play tennis with her was amazing! Greatest player of all time. She has been through a lot health wise and come back even stronger, admire her a lot for that.  

Tell us names that you know of top sportswoman? What do they have achieved? 

Jessica Ennis Olympic Heptathlon Gold medallist. Serena Williams World number 1 Tennis player. Annika Sorenstam former World Number 1. Laura Davies, 84 professional wins (I think)!

Have you met any of them? Who would you like to meet? I've met Serena Williams and Laura Davies but not Annika or Jessica.

Is there any sport you would like to practice professionally if you weren't dedicated to golf?


Do you think woman's sport is popular enough? Do you think there is same information as there is on men's sport?

If women can be professional doctors, lawyers etc, I think given the opportunities I think they can be as good as men in sport as well. I will always admire the women I mentioned above. They had a dream to be the best at their sports and to be recognised and achieved it. I think tennis is most popular and I think gymnastics deserves more recognition.


Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 16/04/2013

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