"Women in Sport" Questionnaire: Jessica Karlsson

The month of April is dedicated to women's sport. We hear from Swedish Rookie Jessica Karlsson.


Do or did you practice any other Sport apart from Golf? Yes, I´ve been practicing most sports when I was younger, soccer, tennis, tabeltennis, dancing, icehockey, but it was figureskating I´d practiced the longest, until I was 15 years old.

What is/was your level at that Sport? I did compete in figureskating but it was on a low level.

What could you tell us about following Sports?

  • Soccer -  Fun sport to look at, not that big here in Sweden.
  • Athletics - I really like atheltics, it´s pretty big here in Sweden because we had  many good athlets in it.
    Tennis - It´s a big sport over all in the world which I think is great. Really fun to practice
  • Beach volleyball - I don´t know much about it actually. 
  • Horse riding: -    Pretty big sport here in Sweden but I don´t know that much about it.
  • Surf - Don´t know almost anything about it.
  • Basketball - Don´t know almost anything about it.
  • Ski - It´s a big sport in Sweden with many great women athletes. 
  • Figure Skating - It´s fun to watch and to practice but it would need more space in media.
  • Sailing - Don´t know almost anything about it.
  • Field Hockey - Pretty big sport in Sweden with a great womens teams but they don´t get that much space in media that they´ll need.
  • Gymnastic - Only shown when it´s the olympics.
  • Swimming - Big sport in Sweden with pretts much space in media and good women athlets.

Compare golf with other Sport you like. Which one do you think is the toughest? If I should compare golf with skiing that i like to whatch a lot during the swedish winter so do I think that skiing is tougher physical but golf is tougher mentaly. I think that golf is tougher mentaly then most sports. It feels like golfplayer train moore than other sports because it´s so many different thing you can train in golf and it´s not that physical to train compared with skiing.

Who is your favourite Sportwoman outside golf? Why? Carolina Cluft a swedish athletic and Marit Björgen I think the two of them are really great sportswomen. Bought of them are really sweet and humbel although they are so superior in there sports.

Tell us names that you know of top Sportswomen? What do they have achieved?

  • Charlotte Kalla - skiing (Olympic medalist, gold)
  • Marit Björgen-skiing(Olympic medalist,gold)
  • Serena Williams-tennis(world number 1, won lots of titels)
  • Marta-Soccer(worlds best soccer player)
  • Kajsa Bergqvist- Athletics (Olympic medalist,gold)
  • Anja Pärsson- Skiing, down hills (Olympic medalist, gold)

Have you met any of them? Who would you like to meet? No I have not. I would like to meet Marit Björgen, Serena Williams and Anja Pärsson.

Is there any Sport that you would like to practice professionally if you weren’t dedicated to golf? Which one?  Maybe handball, I don´t know why but I think that seems like a fun sport.

What is your opinion about Women’s Sport? 

I think women's sport is great, but I think that we need more time and place in media. I think skiing/skiing downhill  and athletics are pretty popular here in Sweden. Less popular sports is horse riding and figure skating. I think that they would deserve more recognition. No I don´t think that Women´s sports are popular enough, there is a lot of think to work on to get them more popular in media. No there is not the same information that it is in men´s sports.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 14/04/2013

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