Rebecca Hudson answers our ´Women in Sport´ Questionnaire

The month of April is dedicated to female sport so we quizzed the LET members about their other passions and sporting heroines.


Do or did you practice any other Sport apart from golf? I played lots of sports, everything I could but only good at golf!

What could you tell us about following sports?
- Soccer aka football! Try to follow but not with the knowledge of some
- Athletics: I watch the Olympics!
- Tennis: again only watch the majors
- Horse riding: love horse riding have been to horse of the year but not competing just helping.

Compare golf with other sport you like. Which one do you think is the toughest? They are all tough and require full dedication.

Who is your favourite sportswoman outside golf? Tessa Sanderson. Olympic javelin. I remember following her in the Olympics when I was little and admiring her passion.

Is there any sport that you would like to practice professionally if you weren’t dedicated to golf? I would play anything, I just love sports.

What is your opinion about women’s sport? We are just as skilled as men but not in a powerful way, we show different skills

Which sport do you think is more popular? Tennis

And less popular (from list above) that would deserve more recognition? Depends on the country I think, we don't do surfing here like probably in Oz.

Do you think Women’s Sport is popular enough? Do you think there is same information as there is on Men’s Sport? No and no. And I don't know how to change this. We need to make it exciting and have people relate to the golfers.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 11/04/2013

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