Fabulous Morocco: A Rookie blog by Jacqueline Hedwall

Getting to know LET Rookie Jacqueline Hedwall from Sweden (twin sister of Caroline), who shares her experiences at the Lalla Meryem Cup.


Jacqueline in action during Lalla Meryem Cup

Jacqueline Hedwall is one of the LET's rookie class of 2013 and belongs to a large group of 34 LET members from Sweden, representing 10% of the tour's membership. Jacqueline, the twin sister of Caroline, for whom she caddied at The 2011 Solheim Cup among other tournaments, shares her experiences at the Lalla Meryem Cup in this, her first blog. You can find more information about Jacqueline here.

Jacqueline wrote: "Last week in Agadir, Morocco was fabulous! I enjoyed every minute of Lalla Meryem Cup! I knew before the week started that it was going to be filled with great experiences. It was the first time I had police escort and I felt so safe!

On the road heading to Golf de L'Ocean

It was also my first time getting a local caddy. I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely think I got the best local caddy at Lalla Meryem Cup! My caddy, Badr and I had a great time on the course and since he didn’t know much English and I don’t know much French, he taught me some Arabic. Arabic is a fun language to learn, but a lot of words are hard to pronounce. I wonder if I’ll remember all the words when I come back next year?!

Jacqueline and her local caddy Badr

I shared a hotel room with one of my friends on tour, Katie Burnett. We are both rookies and it was fun getting this journey on tour started with her. Since we both finished well in the tournament, we thought we might bring luck to each other, so we are planning on staying together during more events this year! ;)

Monday through Wednesday I played two practice rounds at Golf de l’Ocean with Katie and Mallory Fraiche. We figured out some good ways to play the course. It was very challenging and nerve-racking to go out there facing some very narrow tee shots with the wind howling from every direction. Golf de l’Ocean was in great shape and it was a blast playing it throughout the week. I can’t wait to play Lalla Meryem Cup next year again!

Great golf, warm weather, and amazing people! I’ve got off to a good start this year so I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the season!

See y’all out there!"

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Published: 10/04/2013

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