Bonita Bredenhann answers our Women in Sport Questionnaire

The month of April is dedicated to women´s sports, so we asked our players about their favourite sports and other female athletes. Here we hear from Bonita Bonita Bredenhann, our first ever member from Namibia.


Bonita Bredenhann is the LET's first ever member from Namibia. Bonita finished tied for 9th at Lalla Aicha Tour School after a great amateur career. Find more information about Bonita here.

Do or did you practice any other sport apart from golf?

No, not at the moment. I played a bit of hockey when I was still in school.

What is/was your level at that sport?

My level of sport at this stage was basic as I played the school sports and I played socially with friends of mine.

Compare golf with other sports you like. Which one do you think is the toughest?

I like rugby, soccer and pool but think that golf would be the toughest sport of them all. This is because golf takes much more concentration whilst playing to keep focused and thinking about every shot open minded. It can go all right or all can go wrong and this costs you a lot.

Tell us about your favourite sports women.  

Serena Williams - she plays tennis and managed to win the US Open. 

Martina Navratilova - Many times a Wimbledon champion and winner of many tournaments in  the USA.

Zara Davis -  She is 46 years old and she held a record of 45.83 knots along a narrow channel in Namibia.

Natalie Du Toit - A South African swimmer who managed to get gold metals at the paralympic games as well as the common wealth games.

Have you met any of them? Who would you like to meet?

No, I have not met any of them but would like to meet Natalie Du Toit. This is because she has been a great inspiration to everyone and has managed to show us that with our disablities, we are able to gain and become successful with our dreams.

Is there any sport that you would like to practice professionally if you weren’t dedicated to golf?

I would have liked to play hockey professionally. This is because I find this to be so much fun and I enjoy the amount of exercise and team work needed in this sport.

What is your opinion about women’s sport? Which sport do you think is more popular, and less popular that would deserve more recognition?                                                                                   

Women's sport is very good but is not as popular or as highly recognised as the men's sport. Tennis, hockey, swimming , netball and gymnastics are the more popular sports. Hockey needs more reconition because it is big in the sport world as well.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 26/04/2013

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