Getting to know Liebelei Lawrence from Luxembourg

We interviewed Liebelei Lawrence during the Lalla Meryem Cup and asked about her goals this season, her game and more....


Liebelei Lawrence is really a cosmopolitan person, born in Luxembourg, her mother is from Greece, her father from the US, practices golf in Dubai during the winter... She turned professional in 2010 and joined the tour in 2011. Find more information about Liebelei here .


What are your expectations in 2013 and targets when playing in the LET?

I have a new coach since last December, so I have been doing a lot of swing changes and my expectations would be to get those changes comfortable and natural so I finally start playing like I know I can. Still I am between the changes now…

My plans will include to play in LETAS events this year, the full schedule and then hopefully get some invites on LET events.  

When did you start to play golf and why? I was ten and it was to spend more time with my dad… he was a pilot and played golf, so he was either flying or on the golf course… He qualified for the European Seniors Tour and he loved it…. He is from the States..

Where do you normally practice? In the winter in Dubai and then in the summer I go back to Luxembourg

How many golf courses are there in Luxembourg? Only 5 golf courses

How was your last LETAS event at Terre Blanche? It was not very good, I struggled with my putter… The greens were complicated so I had too many putts… But I hit the ball ok.

Best part of your game, normally and at present time… Normally it would be my putting, but not my short irons are good and I am trying to move that up to the longer irons.

Any favourite yardage? 100 yds

Weakest part of your game--- Right now it is my driver accuracy… I am going everywhere, both sides.

Driving distance…235 yds average

Putting average…Last year was 31 and now….it’s 36

Lowest round ever… 67. This was in the Czech Republic, in the European Championship, when I was amateur in 2010.

Holes in One… 2, one in Belgium when I was 13 and then one in Luxembourg 3 years ago.

Favourite golf course in Europe… I would say that I actually like the golf course we played in Switzerland in Losone.

Your friends on Tour… I usually travel alone , because I am the only person from Luxembourg, so I travel to places by myself. I stay with a lot of different people…Carly Booth, Zuzana Kamasova and this event at Lalla Meryem Cup I am staying with a friend of mine at the University (Tennessee ), Megan Grehan.

Any superstition when you are playing golf… I normally mark the ball with a special draw, like a flower

Your team that supports you … My parents, my new coach (from Dubai) and my fitness trainer. Not mental coach at the moment but I am looking for one. I am currently having a loss of confidence. Last year I was injured (my back) and it was hard for me to play because I was not playing as well as I thought I should…. But it’s coming back with the changes I am making…


Something most people don’t know about you … I did play the piano, but not any more…But first thing I did was Figure Skating, when I was 3. And now I have got the paragliding license. And also, Jennifer Lawrence, the actress is my second cousin.

If you were not a golf professional, what else would you like to do? It would be anything that has to do with helping children. I did 2 internships as a consultant for kids and I really liked it. So, being around kids would be something that I would love.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 27/04/2013

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