A new life and a new dream for Caroline Larsson. Part II

Following the progression of Caroline Larsson, "Carro". After turning professional in 2011, she lost her leg through chondrosarcoma but has continued to pursue the sport at the highest level and is playing in the SA Nedbank Disabled Open from 13th -15th May.


Caroline in action.

This one is second story from Caroline Larsson. In the first episode (read here)  "Carro" explained what happened to her in 2011 since she started experiencing problems with the knee and her 2 surgeries until the amputation. 

This week she is playing the Nedbank SA Disabled Golf Open 2013 in Category Leg Amputee - Physically Disabled Strokeplay (0-18 Handicap). Follow her results here .

There are many things, new people and many new experiences she has lived since then... as we can read in this story below: 

"When I think back on my dramatic year 2011 I feel very proud of my progress I made, both on the golfcourse and in daily life. It has been very important for me that both of those progresses get along and work out in order to live a very happy life, actually more enriched by positive things than I had in my first life as a two-legged girl. This idea of my two different lives was a thought I had already before I went through the amputation. I didn't want to compare my first two-legged life with the new coming life of one leg, not because it was going to a bad life, because it was going to be different!

I knew already then that a new world would open for me, an unknown world which would include load of visits to my prosthetic doctor but also new people to meet, experiences which was going to be new for me. I wanted to give myself the best and most honest chance for this new life, therefore I was totally open to how I felt and what I wanted to do. From the hospital bed I set the goal of reaching Swedish Open two monthes ahead. Of course it was a golf-goal but it included so much more than that, it was a goal of life for me. If I could comprehend every obstacles coming along with this goal, I knew I could overcome most of the things in my future life. This gave me strength to continue and I really enjoyed what I was doing every day. Already coming to this tournament was a victory for me, I won against the obstacles of life and I felt like I had achieved the biggest trip ever. Participating in this tournament was mainly the golf goal. This opened another new world for me, I saw that I could play professional golf with one leg. The continuing year 2011 I played with only one leg and with this I was able to reach the same level of golf as I had when I played on two legs. 

I wanted to continue my one-leg golf carrier since it went so good, the ball was flying high and long, my body felt great and my feeling for the swing was better than ever before. But a discussion with my doctor made me change my mind. I was putting a lot of pressure on my knee in every direction and the pressure on the knee is 1.2 thon in every swing. I had to realize I was going to destroy the only knee I have if I continue. Therefore I started looking for a good prosthetic. 

End of 2011 I received a call from a mysterious person, - Caroline, your story has reach over the Swedish border and there is a person which heard about this fantastic prostethic knee which would allow you to play golf as good as on two normal legs. This person would like to give you this knee as a gift. 

Two days before Christmas, three weeks after this call the knee arrived. Genium, the knee that was going to help me play golf again on two legs. It felt unreal to unpack the box, just as I opened it I saw a note attached, "I had the opportunity to help you,” it read, “which I felt strongly I should do. I want you to have the chance to achieve your dreams and live your life with as much positive pleasure as before. The chain of love in life is that we help each other and pass it on. I will help you and my wish is that you might have the opportunity to help someone else in the future."

Caroline and her sister Louise

The year 2012 was a successful golf year for me, I won European Championship in paragolf and played again on the same level as I did with two normal legs. The travel to get there was long, sometimes frustrating since I had to get used to a new component in my life, a prosthetic leg that was supposed to be in the same position as my old leg. I was not able to reach the results in the beginning and this made me thinking about changing the plan and go back on playing on one leg, since that worked out so much better. But I didn't allow myself to give up upon giving the leg a chance to achieve the results I wanted to have, I just needed to find exactly the right way for me. I needed to start working on feeling how my body felt all the time, I needed to know how to train both in the gym and golf, I needed to plan every step not to be injured or too tired to continue. Finding this was the best I ever could have done, golf became very much fun again and I enjoyed every shot on the golfcourse. Reaching this point of knowing myself much better I also got better playing and could make the results I wanted. 

The will of striving forward!

I would lie if I say my life got worse since I lost the leg, sure it's been a loss, it's been a way to walk back, it has been about finding the new path, new solutions to daily life. But all this has been very inspiring for me, it has opened so many new doors I could only have dreamed of before. Just one example is the lectures coming into my life, they have enriched myself as a person and giving me the huge opportunity to talk in front of so many people. It is such a great feeling to start giving my experiences further to others.  

My plans and goals for 2013

My plans for this year, or better to say this summer, is to play a lot of tournaments. Both in Sweden on the professional tour but also on the European Disabled Tour. Nowadays I got the privilege to play on two different tours, and it keeps my pretty busy. 

Next I will travel to South Africa for my premiere tournament and short after I will participate in a tournament in Sweden. My goal for this summer is to establish myself on the Swedish Professional Tour again and also hold one victory on the Disabled Tour. Beside all the golf tournaments I will also hold lectures this summer, it is going to be a few different events so I am definately excited about it! 

Life didn't get worse, it is richer and better than ever before! "

We wish you the best of luck this week and really hope we see you reaching these goals!

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 14/05/2013

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