Rookie Jacqueline Hedwall, from Sweden, answers our "Healthy May" Questionnaire

May is dedicated to health and fitness. Find out here how our members get their body ready for the tour and their healthy habits.


Jacqueline answers here our Healthy May questionnaire, showing that our golf players are not just golfers but more than that.... they are also athletes, following rigorous health and fitness programs.

Describe how your exercise program benefits you and your golf game.

My exercise program makes sure that I’m flexible, explosive, and strong enough to perform the same golf swing over and over again, but also that I keep a good energy level for hours on the golf course.

Describe when and why you started exercising for golf.

I’ve practiced a lot of sports during all my life so exercising started naturally for me when I was younger. When I was 15 years old I started working out more specifically for golf to make sure I was explosive, strong, and flexible enough to swing the golf club the way I wanted to.

Describe how your pre-season exercise program is different to your in-season exercise program. For example, do you focus on different aspects of fitness? Are your goals different?


During pre-season I focus on strengthening my weaker parts and becoming stronger overall. During season I focus more on keeping my strength and flexibility. I also make sure that my cardio is good throughout the entire year.

With respect to your pre-season program, please describe your exercise program (where possible, include the type of exercises you do, the frequency, dosage, duration of each exercise session etc).

I run about 4-6 times a week. I run most often 5 km or sprints, but I try to run 10km or more at least once a week. In the gym, I have mostly exercises for the core, but also for triceps, legs, and the rest of the body too.

With respect to your in-season program, please describe your exercise program (where possible, include the type of exercises you do, the frequency, dosage, duration of each exercise session etc).

The same as above but with more focus on heavier weights to get stronger.

Describe your warm-up program (include the type of exercises you do and how long your warm-up routine takes to perform).


I most often warm up on a treadmill, running for about 20 minutes.

If you haven’t already included this information, describe whether you use specific exercise tools or equipment when exercising (e.g. fit balls, weights, resistance bands etc).


When I’m at the gym I use a lot of equipment such as weights and swiss balls.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your exercise program?

Feeling sore after a tough workout is always amazing. To barely get out of bed or walking up the stairs reminds you that you have used your body and done something great.

What is the least enjoyable thing about your exercise program?

Stretching. It’s very important, but I think it hurts too much to be called enjoyable.

How do you manage to maintain a fitness program when you are touring?

My personal trainer and I have made sure that I have exercises I can do with or without a gym, which makes it easier to maintain my program wherever I am.

Which components of fitness (e.g. muscle strength, balance, muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, power) do you think are most important for playing golf?


It all depends on your swing. My swing is built mostly on my core strength, balance, and flexibility so those are the most important factors for me.

Describe how important maintaining a healthy; balanced diet is for you and your golf game. 

It affects my focus and my energy level, so it’s very important to keep a balanced diet and especially when playing for several weeks in a row.

How do you manage to maintain a healthy diet when you are touring?

Usually, European countries are quite good with giving you a variety of restaurants to choose between, so it’s fairly easy to keep a healthy diet.

What tips would you give golfers who really dislike exercising or to those golfers who say that exercise is only for elite golfers?

Exercising is important for everyone, no matter if you are an elite golfer or not. I believe a lot of people think that every work out needs to take 1.5 hours. But don’t underestimate short workouts! My workouts are between 20-90 minutes long. Sometimes, after a long day at work, it’s hard to motivate yourself to workout, but that’s when a 20 minutes run is better than nothing. Remember, if you go out for a run, no matter what speed you’re running in, you are still lapping everyone on the couch!

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 21/05/2013

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