Mikaela Parmlid answers our "Healthy May" Questionnaire

May is dedicated to Health& Fitness. Find out here how Mikaela Parmlid gets fit and ready for the tour on the following "Healthy May" Questionnaire.


Mikaela on a recent image at the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open.

Mikaela Parmlid belongs to our big group of members from Sweden. She turned professional in 2003 and joined the LET in 2004. Find more information about Mikaela here .

She answers our Healthy May questionnaire here:

Describe how your exercise program benefits you and your golf game.

The exercise program benefits us tremendously to have the flexibility and strength  to play week in and week out without to much injuries. We feel healthy and have the energy that is needed to perform at the highest level and to be able to practis for the amount of hours that is needed for top performance.

Describe when and why you started exercising for golf.

I started exercise for golf when I was in high school in the US, my coach back then told me Paul Purtzer that to be able to work all these ours you have to build strong core so it is as useful to spend 2 hours in the gym every day instead of 2 extra hours on the range.

Describe how your pre-season exercise program is different to your in-season exercise program. For example, do you focus on different aspects of fitness? Are your goals different?

Yes, my in season and off season is different because first of all I do not have as much time in the season as I do off season to recover so my goal in season is to maintain although that is even a hard goal considering how much we travel and play. In season I will push myself to my limit almost every day and spend about 2-3 hours a day exercising and in season it is down to 1 hour a day plus some extra time stretching morning and night.

With respect to your pre-season program, please describe your exercise program (where possible, include the type of exercises you do, the frequency, dosage, duration of each exercise session etc).

In the off season I will do Fustra method. The Fustra Method is a training method based on Fusion Functional Training, which is used to balance the body’s muscles, improve body control, and improve your posture and mobility.

■ ■ The training method emphasizes good posture, correct breathing technique, and increased core strength by performing the exercises with the correct technique.
■ ■ Fustra was originally developed for professional athletes to increase the muscle balance, but the method is especially suitable for individuals with neck, shoulder and back pain.
■ ■ Modern day society automatically make individuals focus on their minus muscles (front side). The FUSTRA method instead activates the plus muscles (back side).
■ ■ The minus muscles are dominating the body in the modern day society. The over-activation of the minus muscles are making people suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain.
■ ■ The Fustra method focus on strengthening its plus muscles – especially in the center of body, which is the core.
■ ■ Fustra was founded in Sweden in 2005 and developed by Finnish personal trainer Jarkko Kortelainen.

With respect to your in-season program, please describe your exercise program (where possible, include the type of exercises you do, the frequency, dosage, duration of each exercise session etc).

In the season I do the same Fustra method and some running. In the Fustra method we work alot with a stick to move it very slowly into different positions and to be able to hold the positions. I also do many stomach and back exercises such as plank front and to the side and try to hold everone for at least 90 seconds.

Describe your warm-up program (include the type of exercises you do and how long your warm-up routine takes to perform).

My warm up is with a hard ball to first roll on all my hot spots on my butt and hips and then to so slow exercises with the stick to make sure I can hold positions and that the muscles work together and not fighting each other and tightening up.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your exercise program?

I love the feeling of bening fit and tired physically . It is a life style that you just enjoy and feel good about.

What is the least enjoyable thing about your exercise program?

If you are tired and not feel for it it is the hardest thing to just go and do it but luckily after I feel so good about me that I use that to motivate me those hard days when I do not feel like exercising.

How do you manage to maintain a fitness program when you are touring?

To be honest I do not always do it everyday when I am out travelling but I try and intend to do it everyday. I have a written up program that is not to hard and does not take to much time and I try to go and just do it.

Which components of fitness (e.g. muscle strength, balance, muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, power) do you think are most important for playing golf?

I think flexiblility is the most important and as well have some strength but I have seen many girls that are very small and still can hit is a long way.

Describe how important maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is for you and your golf game. 

It is important to eat well especially as much as we travel be be healthy and have the energy that is needed to practise and play as much as we do. I try to eat a very balanced diet.  

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 17/05/2013

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