Reid Returns to the Czech Republic

Melissa Reid, 25, from Derby will defend the title that she won last year by a stroke from Italian Diana Luna.

England’s Melissa Reid returns to the Czech Republic this week, a year and two months after she earned an emotional victory at Albatross Golf Resort near Prague.

Last year, Reid won on her return to competition, four weeks after the tragic death of her mother, Joy.

This year, the tournament has moved to Golf Park Plzeň – Dýšina with a new name: the Honma Pilsen Golf Masters.

The 25-year-old from Derby will defend the title that she won last year by a stroke from Italian Diana Luna.

Here, the four-time LET tournament winner recalls her memories from last year, looks ahead to playing for the first time in Pilsen and gives us an insight into her life away from the Tour.

Mel, what are your memories of your tournament victory in Czech Republic 2012?

I remember liking the golfing course from the moment I got there.  It really suited my eye.   Although some of the detail of the week is a bit blurry, looking back it was my best win to date, for obvious reasons.

You are defending your Czech title, although on the different golf course. How does it feel?

It’s always nice to defend a title and be reminded of previous wins.  I’m really excited about it.

What does it take to come to a new, uknown golf course in Pilsen-Dysina?

I’ll prepare as well as I can.   Really concentrate in the practice round, and my caddy, Olly, will help in terms of  making sure we know as much as we can before we start.

It was nice to see you with a glass of Czech beer after last year´s victory. Do you plan to taste some beverage from Pilsen brewery, too?

Not during the tournament, but on the Sunday night that would be nice, especially if I win.  I do like beer.

Pilsen soccer team won Czech league championship title this year. As an avid soccer fan, would you like to attend their match or even have a chance to practice with them? 

I always enjoy practicing with professional football teams, although it’s not ideal during tournament week!

Looking back to the first part of 2013 season, how do you feel about it?

I’ve not had the strongest of starts to the year but there are plenty of tournaments to come and I’m excited about those.

There are quite a few new faces and also winners on LET. How tough is the competion now?

It’s definitely stronger than when I first came out on Tour.  It’s great though. 

You changed your hair colour significantly. Is there any particular meaning of it?

Not particularly, I just fancied a change.  I do miss being blonde though!

Did you also change anything in your golf game and preparation recently?

Yes, I have been working on a few things with a new coach.

Found on your Twitter account: Golf with Dad and the boys today. consists of pork pie after 9, shot of homemade liquor and out driving the boys by 30y. #perfectsaturday ;). Can you reveal any details regarding your perfect day?

It would include golf, family, friends, sun, snowboarding.  

Reading your tweets, you like your bed, omelettes, dogs… What else?

I have to be careful what I put on Twitter!  I like sport and my friends.

What are your golf and non-golf dreams?

I’d like to win Majors, and be remembered in the years after I’ve finished playing golf.  I’d like to have inspired people.   Away from golf, I’d like to go into property when I’ve finished. 


Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 6/08/2013

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