A Day in the Life of Line Vedel

The 2012 Allianz Slovak Open Champion from Denmark talks about her warm-up routine and daily practice when at home.

The 2012 Allianz Slovak Open Champion from Denmark talks about her warm-up routine and daily practice when at home.

Warming Up at a Tournament

I use pretty much an hour to warm up, so I’ll get to the course an hour and 10 minutes before.

If I have a 10:30 tee time, I’ll probably get up at 7:30, get some breakfast, take it easy.

I have muesli or All-Bran with milk and some yoghurt, some water, then get to the golf course.

I pick up the pin sheet and convert it to metres, because the pins are given in yards (paces).

I mark my balls and then at this tournament (LACOSTE Ladies Open de France) I start with chipping for 15 minutes.

It depends on the layout of the tournament.

I go to the range and warm up for half an hour. I start with stretching and then a bit of rotation work and then some short shots: 30, 40, 50 metres. Then I use the pitching wedge, 9-iron and so on.

Then I go and putt for ten minutes and then go to the tee ten minutes before. On the putting green, I start with some short ones to get some confidence going, then a bit further, two metres, then further and take some long ones. To get the confidence going I hole a couple of short ones at the end.

You go to the tee, get some water, your score card, then change cards, get some fruit in the bag, then tee off!

A Typical Day at Home

I wake up usually around 7am and eat a quick breakfast, yoghurt with some fruit. Then I go and work out for two hours. I have a half hour drive so that takes me three hours. I do some cardio and a lot of stretching and strength training.

I start my practise around noon. I usually start with chipping and putting, then take lunch, then go to the range and hit some balls.

I hit a lot of pitch shots, because you’ve got to be good from 100 metres and in. We have a par-3 course, which is between 40 metres to 90, so I play on that and then I play nine holes on the main course.

Afterwards I finish with some putting and afterwards I stretch.

I normally play 18 holes two times a week. Usually I just play nine because I practise so much and it takes a while to play 18.

It depends on what I’m working on. It could be a practise round, just focusing on the technique, or I focus on the score. It’s one or the other.

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Published: 17/10/2013

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