LET supporting ISPS Handa and Disabled golf: Meeting Richard Warren

The LET is supporting ISPS Handa and disabled golf and will be following the progression of some of the players that we met during the ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters. This week, we meet Richard Warren, who was working as a volunteer during the ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters last August.


Richard Warren on his 18th Birthday

LET is supporting ISPS Handa and Blind & Disabled golf. ISPS Handa, one of our main sponsors, has fostered partnerships with Ladies European Tour along with other golf governing bodies worldwide to help develop the game at every level and promote blind and disabled golf.

As we have been doing during the past months, we will continue following the progression of some players and here we present a new story from Richard Warrren, who we met during the ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters. Richard was working as a scoring volunteer during our event and was responsible for the scores on the leaderboard.

He tells us his story here:

"My name is Richard Warren and I am 19 years old. I suffer with cerebral palsy which affects my balance and my speech. I get very tired easily and normal everyday tasks can be harder. Despite this, I am currently studying at Bournemouth University undertaking a degree in Sports Management (Golf). I play off 34 at Mill Ride Golf Club, Ascot. I have been a member since 2005 when I first joined having been awarded a junior scholarship.

How I got into golf!

Throughout school I found a number of mainstream sports including football and rugby difficult. When I was 7, my mum booked me a golf lesson at the local golf club. My dad thought I would never be able to hit a golf ball because of my balance, well the rest is history! I won a scholarship at Mill Ride which gave me the platform for developing my golf. To this day I thank everyone at the club for the help and support they have given me over the years!

My work

During 2010, I took part in the Disabled British Open (see photo during his speech) as the only junior in a field of 70. Having found it difficult I decided that something needed to be offered to juniors. I contacted the organisers and developed a business plan for a Junior Disabled British Open. Following this during 2011, the first ever Junior Disabled British Open was held with 12 competitors and has subsequently been held every year. 

The future….

Currently undertaking the 2nd year of my degree, next year I am looking to undertake a placement year within the golf industry. I have applied to a number of golf clubs and am continuing to explore potential companies for my placement. I have recently been given the opportunity to volunteer at the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles next September which I am really looking forward to. I am also hoping to marshal at the BMW PGA Championship and other regional tournaments."

Richard did a great job at the ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters. His work, together with rest of the volunteers who worked with the Ladies European Tour that week, was a substantial support that contributed greatly to the success of the event.

Looking forward for your next stories and we hope to see you soon at our headquarters Richard!

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 19/11/2013

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