Interview with Isabelle Boineau from France

Getting to know the LET hopefuls at Lalla Aicha Tour School Final Qualifying for 2014.


Isabelle Boineau was born in Marseille, France, and lives now in the USA. She turned professional after finishing her studies in Arizona at the beginning of 2013. We interviewed Isabelle at the Lalla Aicha Tour School in Rabat, where finished tied for 12th and went forward to Final Qualifier.

Q: How and when did you start to play golf?

I started to play golf randomly… nobody played golf around me, but one day it was before New Year´s Eve, when I was 9 and one of the best friends of my father called him and told him to have a drink at the golf course, 15´ from where I live. So we went and we were looking at the golfers and we thought ´this sports is so easy, come on!´ so after the drink, we borrowed some clubs and start hitting, but the ball was not going anywhere… So we thought that we should take some lessons…and we started to take some golf lessons and we all started, my family and my dad´s friend family but after a month, it was just my family who continued playing.      

Q: When did you first play for your National team?

I was 14 and it was a match France vs. Spain, and we won. I have played many times and the World Cup in 2006 with Melodie Bourdy. It was in South Africa and we finished fourth.

Q: And when you were 18… did you go to the US to study?

Yes, I studied at the University of Arizona. I took Adriana Zwanck´s spot (former member of the Ladies European Tour). I graduated there in Business Administration and Sports Management in 2012.

Q: What have you been doing all this year?

I have been playing the professional events in the US at the Symetra Tour, around 15 tournaments in total. And I also played in one LETAS event, the Forqueaux Ladies Open in Paris.

Q: What are your plans, if you get the card in Marrakech?

My plans would be to come back to Europe and play here. I do not know where yet… I will figure it out.

Q: Tell us about your game, what is the best part of your game? And the weakest part?

I think is my putting, really solid. My average is around 29 putts. The weakest part are my irons, specially the 6 iron, 5, 4… I have problems to always hit it consistently well.

Q: Your driving and average driving distance?

I do not hit it really far, but it is pretty straight.  

Q: Your lowest round this year

-7, in 2007, it was an amateur tournament…

Q: Any holes in one?

Yes, some, but any in a tournament… only practicing. The last one was in Arizona.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 17/12/2013

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