Interview with Laura Davies ahead of the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters

The English star returns to RACV Royal Pines where she won the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters three times, in 1993, 1994 and 2003.

The English star returns to RACV Royal Pines where she won the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters three times, in 1993, 1994 and 2003.

Q.  Have you spent winter in England?

LAURA DAVIES: January, February and March I’m normally somewhere down here.

Q. Do you think about getting a place here?

LAURA DAVIES: That’s always a possibility, yes.

Q. You have a new caddy this year?

LAURA DAVIES:  Yeah, Tanya: she’s married to Mike, Karrie Webb’s caddy. I’ve known Tanya about 13 years now.  

Q. Karrie has such a phenomenal record here, how do you go about competing against someone who is so comfortable on a particular course?

LAURA DAVIES: You just know that if you’re going to win this tournament over four days you’ve got to shoot in the 20s under par and you know that whether it’s Karrie winning it or Yani, or Jessica – who’s probably going to be the favourite this week after winning over in the Bahamas. But it’s a really strong field so you know if your 10 – 12 under par you’re playing for a top 10 finish probably. You know that so you just go out and try and make as many birdies as you can.

Q.  Have you ever won an event 9 times?

LAURA DAVIES: No, the best I can go is 4 years in Phoenix? Three English Opens, but no, eight is extraordinary. She would have to be one of the top favourites to win this because she’s obviously still playing well and why not.

Q. It seems like most players that have come in here have started working with a new caddy, what is it between the player and caddy that’s most important?

LAURA DAVIES: Well I haven’t had that many caddies over my career, my average caddie is 6-7 years. You get on so well with them, normally they are your friends before they become you caddie so that’s the way I’ve always had it. Karrie probably has the longest standing caddie with Mikey, they’ve had about 13 years together now. It just so happens my caddy wasn't well last year and we just decided we were going to get someone else to do it because I obviously want to try and play more in America. It’s almost like a marriage really because you spend so much time together, so you’ve got to get on, simple as that. It’s a really interesting dynamic.

Q. You mentioned you’re going to play more in the States than the LET: is that your plan?

LAURA DAVIES: That’s my hopeful plan because my ranking isn’t that good. But if I can have a good Australian Open and then do well in Phoenix and San Diego tournaments, then I’m definitely in. but I’ll have to adjust that if that doesn’t happen, but the plan is to play in America.

Q.  You played on the Legends Tour last year?

LAURA DAVIES:  Yeah, I played the Legends Tour and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I looked at the list and they all seem to be up against LPGA events this year so it’s just one of those things. I would love to play both tours, it’s just a shame they don’t fit in the gap so you can go to LPGA and to the Legends Tours.

Q.  Did you play in all the ALPG Pro-Ams?

LAURA DAVIES:  Yeah I did the Mount Broughton one, and the Moss Valley one and then Castle Hill. I got over on the 11th of January and the first three events were pro-ams.

LAURA DAVIES:  I don’t play at all from the time I finish in Dubai to the time I land in Australia I don’t pick my clubs at all so it would be silly too got straight to the NSW having not had a shot. So it’s a great place to get a few swings in under pressure and try and get your game going to when you hit the tournaments you are hopefully prepared to go to, which has been the case. I’ve been playing really well, I haven’t made enough putts yet. But that’s the next great goal.

Q.  Regarding Rolex World Rankings...

LAURA DAVIES:  Well if I don’t get into any tournaments this year my ranking will drop even further. It’s getting to the point now where I have to have a good round or tournament to re-establish myself and high enough to get into every event. You can’t compete in seven events a year when the rest are doing 25-30. It’s at the point now where I have to put some good numbers on the board or I will get left behind, which is obviously not what I want. I will probably get into 10-11 events this year purely because of field strength but it just makes it obvious that you can’t pick and choose.

Q.  Did you ever play in the Masters when it was over at Palm Meadows?

LAURA DAVIES: No, I’ve only ever played in it since it’s been here. I missed the first two, but I’ve been here every year since. 





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Published: 5/02/2014

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