Charley Hull meets the media on her first visit to Australia

British teenager Charley Hull will be looking to collect her first tournament victory this weekend in the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters at RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Charley Hull will be looking to collect her first tournament victory this weekend in the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters at RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Q.  You were in New Zealand last week, and this is your first time in Australia?  


Q.  How did you find the journey over?

CHARLEY HULL:  It was alright, I slept the whole flight from England to Singapore and then the whole flight from Singapore to Sydney, so yeah I slept quite well.

Q.  How did your Dad do?

CHARLEY HULL: No, he didn’t sleep.

Q.  Until you’re 18 you have to have somebody with you, that’s the rules of the tour, is that true?

CHARLEY HULL:  Yeah, that’s what the tour says so I have to have a guardian with me.

Q.  It’s been quite an illustrious start to your career, playing in the Solheim Cup. How did that feel?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, the whole season went so fast, I think that was in the end of March (I started), so I still haven’t played a whole season yet, but it all went so fast, even from then to now. It was a great year, I can’t really remember that much, because you are so focused and it just sort of flies.

Q. You’re playing here this week and then after that do you know what your plans are? 

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I’m going home for three weeks. I’m not going to play China, so I’ll play Morocco instead.

Q.  And your Dad: is he quite a good golfer?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, he’s alright. I just kind of picked it up from him when I was younger. My next door neighbour Ben, he played, we were both about two years old and we used to bat balls around the garden. We used to aim for bats in the trees and hit plastic bins.

Q.  And what’s happened to Ben, he’s not on the tour anywhere?

CHARLEY HULL: No Ben’s not in golf, he would have been a really good golfer but he’s into football instead.

Q.  Did your success in your first year come as a shock?

CHARLEY HULL:  Well at the beginning of the year I went to America to practice at The Concession so I got to work on my game, especially my putting and everything, it used to let me down a couple of years ago but then it kind of flipped this year. I’ve been working hard at my short game. Last year I didn’t really know what to expect because it was my first year as a professional and but I started off with five second places so it’s started pretty fast and your expectations get higher and you just go from there.

Q. After those five seconds did you sit back and think, this is going to go somewhere? 

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah definitely. After my second in Turkey it makes you think you don’t have to press in the first round.

Q.  Does it make it easier that there are so many young girls playing n the tour at the moment, does it make you feel more comfortable?

CHARLEY HULL: I think it’s really good, because the future of golf s going to be really good. But at the end of the day I don’t really take much notice, I just go out there and play, and look up to the players. When I play with Lydia, I feel like I’ve been looking up to her for ages, because she plays so good but it’s good to have them.

Q.  What’s your Dad’s name, does he caddy for you?

CHARLEY HULL:  Dave, and no he doesn’t caddy for me.

Q.  Are you playing the Australian Open?

CHARLEY HULL: Yes, I’m playing next week.

Q.  You just recently started playing with a caddie, what was the decision, what changed?

CHARLEY HULL: I walk kind of fast on the golf course. I get a bit ahead of myself so he just keeps me back and keeps me on the lead. And sometimes I want to go for every shot and he tells me no, your shot isn’t good enough to get up and down here so that kind of helps. The first five tournaments I didn’t have a caddie because I thought I knew my own game enough and I wanted to learn from my mistakes, but then I decided I wanted a caddie. In India, Mark didn’t have his visa and then in the final round I was right up there in contention and I thought I wish I had a caddie because I thought I may have won that.

Q.  What’s your view of Karrie Webb and her standing in the game?

CHARLEY HULL:  Yeah it’s good, I played in the ISPS HANDA Ladies European Masters with her last year and Laura Davies. The first time I played with Karrie Webb I had an eagle and I think I shot a 4 under and a 6 under so it was pretty good.

Q.  She’s got a phenomenal record here, what is it coming against someone with that record on this particular course?

CHARLEY HULL: It’s inspiring in a way because she’s still got a great chance. She’s one of the best players here this weekend. It’s pretty awesome because you can look up to her and see what she is doing; she knows the course very well. I’m not playing with her this week but it’s awesome to be on the range with players that you look up to.


Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 5/02/2014

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