Interview with round one co-leader Jessica Korda

Jessica Korda from the United States made a terrific start to the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters with a five-under-par 67 at RACV Royal Pines Resort.

Q.  A great 5 under par out there. With the weather you will probably be the leader the end of the day?

JESSICA KORDA:  Yeah, it’s definitely getting pretty windy out there. It rained on us on the last hole, but there are definitely birdies to be made so we will see what happens at the end of the day.


Q.  We just checked your card and it was a birdie, par, birdie, birdie finish on the front nine and on the back nine, very satisfying?

JESSICA KORDA: Yeah definitely, I had a couple bogeys here and there on my back nine, which was the front nine. I kind of just had to get my head around it and start playing.


Q. You said you were very busy when you sat down, are you working that way? Are you able to say yes to some things and no to others to keep you on track?

JESSICA KORDA: The more time I spend out here the more I learn that I have to do that, it’s hard to do it because you’d like to please everybody but you can’t so definitely learning how to say no, it is hard though.


Q. Jess we saw a couple of  players yesterday saying that birdies were going to be really crucial here and you made 8 of them. Is that kind of how your punching it as well, that you’re going to have to make the most of those?

JESSICA KORDA: At the end of the day, it’s who gets the ball into the hole the fastest. So birdies definitely play a huge factor every week. But it will be interesting to see what the weather does here, because if it does get windy these greens are going to be really tough to hold, we’ve already seen that today, it wasn’t as windy as it is getting right now. I was hitting shots really well and they were just rolling of the back so it will definitely be really interesting to see.


Q.  There’s not a hint of rust, it’s a glistening golfing machine, are you happy with your game today?

JESSICA KORDA: Yeah, I actually hit my driver quite well today and I only missed one really really bad shot, but I got away with it and ended up making birdie. But I’m just taking every shot as it is, if I hit it upward to the right, I hit it up to the right. I need to figure out why I did that and try and put that to the next shot. I’m learning how to figure out this swing that I have, but I like what’s going on right now.


Q.  You mentioned yesterday that you were working on some of those swing changes, do you think they clicked into place today?

JESSICA KORDA: yeah, they are slowly clicking; it’s going to be a process. I am finally starting to get my distance in my driver back, that’s really nice. But I take like 4 practice swings before I actually hit the shot so I’m still definitely working on a lot of things.


Q. Are the four practice swings identical every time?

JESSICA KORDA: It depends, if I miss a shot a certain way I know what I’ve done in the swing and so I try to fix it with a drill. That’s what my coach and I have been working on, so if something does go wrong I know what I’ve done to get it there and I can fix it easily.


Q. On your second to last.. par 5?

JESSICA KORDA: Yeah that’s a tough pin and there’s no way I could of ever stopped the ball on the green, even from the fairway so laying up? Was definitely my best option because then I could just have a nice, easy wedge from 85 yards. 


Q.  You seem comfortable in Australia, what is it about playing here that suits your game?

JESSICA KORDA: I’m not sure, I’ve been coming her since I was a baby so I love it here, the people are so nice. I basically feel like I am at home every time I come here and that’s why I love spending so much time here. It’s a beautiful place, why wouldn’t you love it?


Q. Your playing partners were in good form as well, was that an encouragement to you scoring well as well?

JESSICA KORDA: For sure, Kempy made 3 birdies in a row on the front 9 and I was like, oh good morning, time to start playing. But everyone is shaping up so you don’t know what your going to get. It’s the first day for everybody and I’m just happy to be here.


Q. What did Caroline do to have her double bogey on the par front?

JESSICA KORDA: She hit it into the water with her second shot and then tried to play it but then it went into the water so then she took a drop and then chipped it up and took 2 to get it in.


Q. Does feeling like Australia is home help your game and feel settled?

JESSICA KORDA: Yeah, for sure. That’s why they say rookie year is so crucial, because you don’t know anything, you don’t know anyone and you’re really not the comfortable out here and the more time you spend out on tour the more comfortable you get. In 2012 I spent 4 weeks here and the first week was odd, I don’t know what I was getting myself into, I didn’t know anything, now I come here and I’m like point me to the nearest Telstra shop and I want my bubble tea.


Q. Watching you out there, I noticed that you were timed on the par 3 on the front nine and then your 3 putt, did that throw you off and why do you think you were being timed? Was it because of your 4 practice swings before every shot?

JESSICA KORDA: No, we were timed because Caroline was trying to figure out what to do on the par 5 and then figuring out where to take the drop because none of us really saw where it landed, so that took us a little bit. That putt I completely misread, the first one. And then the second one bounced straight left on me so it felt like I did anything bad but then I went back and birdied the next hole. So it wasn’t like it was in my mind that I made a bad stroke or anything like that. So no, getting timed isn’t anything new to us.

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 6/02/2014

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