Burke ready to represent England at Mission Hills

Hannah Burke will represent England alongside compatriot Holly Clyburn at the 2014 World Ladies Championship and is looking to build on a solid start to the year.
Hannah Burke will represent England alongside compatriot Holly Clyburn at the 2014 World Ladies Championship and is looking to build on a solid start to the year.

You have played at Mission Hills Haikou before. How excited are you to be going back?

I am very excited. It is a great event at an amazing venue. The course was presented so well last year and I am really looking forward to playing it again. 

How excited are you to be returning to China?

China is a fascinating place. It is a very different culture to what a lot of us are used too and I am looking forward to going back and learning working on my chopstick skills. 

What are your impressions of Mission Hills Resort Haikou?

Like I said the course was amazing last year and the resort as a whole is incredible. The hot springs play a huge part in my memories of last year. 

What is special about this venue?

It's a huge event on our calendar with a lot of big names playing. To be a part of the team and individual event is going to make this year very special. 

How does this compare with the other venues on tour?

We get to play great courses all year round on tour but not all of them are so accessible. You literally roll out of bed and straight down to the practice ground here. Everything is very convenient at mission hills which makes our week easier travel wise. 

What do you think of the Chinese food?

Chinese is one of my favourite foods. I'm not fussy and am up for trying anything. You only live once right. 

What do you think of the unique 3-in-1 pro, team and amateur format?

I can't say I know much about the format but I'm sure it will work great. Combining individual and team play sounds great and I loved representing my country as an amateur. It should be fun doing it as a professional too. 

What are your personal goals for the tournament?

I go into every event giving my all. I am hoping to be well rested after a week off and ready to compete. It is a great field and I will be extremely happy if I finish high on the leader board Sunday. 

Do you feel your game is good enough to win?

I have been hitting the ball great and if a few putts roll in then you never know. My game has been in great shape the past few weeks and again testing it against some of the best players in the world will hopefully push it forward. 

What are your general goals for this year?

My general goal for this year is to better myself. I had a great year last season and will be looking to improve on that. I was in contention a couple of times and would love to capitalise on that on 2014. 

How have you been preparing for the WLC at Mission Hills and how are you approaching the new season? 

I have played the ALPG season out in Australia the past seven weeks and have had a blast. It is such a well run tour with lots of events bunched together.  I'm glad I committed to play in everything, so I didn't drown back home .I personally prefer playing as preparation. You can never beat competing with a card in your hand to get your game ready. 

Do you have any new hobbies or have you done anything particularly interesting or noteworthy over the off-season or last few weeks?

I recently tried paddle boarding out in Australia and instantly loved it. I'm not sure it's a sport I should be taking up in freezing England but after the weather reports it might be a great mode of transport. 

Is there anything new in your set-up this year, i.e. new clubs, coach, fitness regime, charity work, sponsor etc?

I have a great set up with my coaches, caddie and fitness guy who all work well together. They push me to work harder and all have great work ethics with me. I love what I do, so having them guide me has a massive input on my golf game. I would like to take this time to thank Steve Blight (BPC land and sales) and Bob Weston (Weston Homes) who have started supporting me in the 2014 season. Without their belief in me I wouldn't be able to follow my dream all over the world. 

I enjoy charity work and am an ambassador for The Golf Trust. It is a great organisation who work endlessly to bring golf to all. 

2014 has also brought a new club attachment for me at Essendon Country Club and I can't thank Elaine Ratcliffe and Kieran Griffin enough for their continued support.   

Article from Ladies European Tour:
Published: 4/03/2014

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