Interview with Kylie Walker, the Deloitte Ladies Open champion

Catching up with Kylie after her epic play-off win against Nikki Campbell and Malene Jorgensen at The International.

Catching up with Kylie after her epic play-off win against Nikki Campbell and Malene Jorgensen at The International.

This is your fifth year on tour.

I’ve been on tour for four full seasons and this is my fifth. This is my first win so I’m delighted!

Your first reaction seemed to be shock.

Yeah. When I holed the putt it was a relief and then with the crowd erupting it almost gave me a fright with all the fans going crazy. It was just brilliant, it was such a good feeling.

Can you describe what emotions you were going through the three times you played the 18th?

I was quite nervous the first time. I hit a good first shot in and then three-putted for a par. It wasn’t too tough a two-putt and I knew that was my chance to win outright but I knew that I still had a chance in the play-off and I was quite calm in the play-off. I just focused on hitting good shots and really trying to win.

The second time you played the 18th: you played a lay-up on the right.

I deliberately played to the green in three because the wind had changed a bit and it was more into the wind on 18 in the play-off, whereas when I played it in regulation play it was just off the left.

Were you in control of your emotions on the last few holes?

I felt as though I was excited and a bit nervous but I still felt like I could make a good stroke on my putts and I still felt in control of myself and it really helped that my brother was chatting to me about other things and not taking about golf which really helped in that situation. My brother caddies for me on tour full time.

Did this victory come out of the blue?

To me, going into every tournament I am trying to win. My performances haven’t been good the last couple of years but this season has been better and I’ve felt my game was in good shape for the last couple of months. I have been feeling really good about my game and have felt that a win was close in that sense but in terms of results, I guess it didn’t really look as if it was close. I go into every week trying to win the tournament.

What made this the week for you?

I love the course and that first day I played well and I played well yesterday in quite strong winds to get to five-under with a two shot lead. I just felt comfortable as well.

Is this a new experience for you?

I’ve never been in a play-off to win so it’s a whole new experience. I’ve been in in contention once or twice but not leading going into the final day so it’s so nice to feel confident about my game and having the chance to win.

What were you trying to do?

I was just trying to play in the moment and take each shot as it comes and not get ahead of myself. I’d dreamt about winning for a long time and it’s a big dream come true so it had crossed my mind that it would be great to win but I just tried to stay focused on each shot playing one shot at a time and today especially I felt I controlled myself well and it was a consistent round.

Did you get up in the morning and think, this could be the day?

I guess I did. I almost had to reign myself in because getting ahead of yourself like that doesn’t really help. I definitely felt I could win, yes.

When did you start to play golf?

I started when I was 14 so that’s 13, almost 14 years ago. I’m 27 now and 28 later this year.

What is your home course, Mar Hall, like?

It’s a parkland. I’m from the city of Glasgow, just north. I’ve played a lot of links golf though and loved it because you play a lot as an amateur. I do love links golf too.

Do you have any family here in Holland?

Just my brother, Kris, who’s caddying. They will be sad they missed my first win but that’s the way it goes.

Are you a Celtic fan?

I maybe side towards the green rather than the blue but I’m not a big football fan. My family supports Celtic. It’s the first question people ask me when they know I’m from Glasgow: are you blue or green? I do prefer Celtic, definitely.


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Published: 25/05/2014

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