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Bringing Mind and Body Together for the Perfect Shot - 2/10/2013
All motion originates in the mind, yet golfers rarely analyse the quality of their swing by the quality of the gap (the moment of non-action) before the swing begins.....more

Influence of Nutrition on Physical and Mental Energy - 1/07/2013
This article on sport nutrition brings you a selection of recipes chosen for their taste, nutritive value and ease of preparation. ....more

Sticks and stones may break my bones... but not without a fight! - 30/06/2013
Building up our peak bone mass is our best defence against developing osteoporosis. ....more

Test your fitness handicap - 3/05/2013
If you want a physique that is good enough for golf, you should really have a scratch fitness hancicap. Here are a few tests showing where you need to be mobile, stable and coordinated for golf.....more

Actions speak louder than words - 25/04/2013
This month’s article is dedicated to Adam Scott’s recent win at the Masters. Adam Scott is the first Australian to ever wear the green jacket.....more

Mental Coherence - 18/03/2013
Ever wanted to be able to measure how relaxed you are, how coherent and focused? How you can learn to change emotional patterns or overreactions?....more

Exploring the Australian lifestyle: Surf Lifesaving - 13/02/2013
Surfing encapsulates the great Australian way of life and the sport shares many similarities with golf in that it presents the ideal opportunity to be healthy, active and positive. Here we investigate the Australian lifestyle.....more

The Core Benefits of Stand-up Paddle boarding - 4/02/2013
One of the fastest growing recreational activities in Australia is Stand-up Paddle boarding or SUP. From a physiotherapy perspective, SUP is a great way to strengthen your “core”, improve your upper and lower body strength and conditioning, challenge your balance and control, and improve your fitness - all in one activity!....more

"Be present!" - 14/01/2013
It seems that this instruction has replaced "Focus!" or "Concentrate!" or "Relax!" However, just as people find it difficult to focus, concentrate, or relax, people also find it difficult to be present.....more

Caffeine and Golfers – what’s the buzz about? - 4/11/2012
Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance and found in foods and fluids such as chocolate, tea and coffee. In recent times, we have also seen the addition of caffeine to sports foods and drinks such as sports gels, chewing gums, gels, bars, and energy drinks.....more

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