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There is no denying the fact that behaviour change is hard - 8/09/2012
As a sport psychologist who subscribes to the positive psychology movement, I would prefer to replace the word ‘hard’ with ‘challenging’… but the reality is, more often than not, people do find it difficult to change their behaviour. However, are we making behavioural change harder for ourselves than it needs to be?....more

Vitamin D and Sporting performance: what’s the latest? - 8/08/2012
Vitamin D is a vital cog in the process of calcium absorption from the gut and therefore optimising bone health throughout an individual’s life span. ....more

Playing Golf in the Zone - 3/07/2012
In this article Jayne Storey explains how you can achieve a ‘quiet mind’ and access ‘the zone’’ or flow-state of relaxed concentration, conducive to superior playing abilities, especially during competition.....more

Make time for psychological recovery! - 4/06/2012
Given that our “Healthy May” project has just finished, now is a good opportunity to reflect on a topic that is often not given enough airtime: psychological recovery.....more

Injury Prevention - 28/05/2012
This article outlines the importance of injury prevention. There are times when the physical demands of training, tournament golf and lifestyle schedules may exceed your body’s ability to endure these demands.....more

How often should I get treatment? - 15/05/2012
Dr Andrew Levick recaps on the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open and discusses a question that is often asked by players on the Ladies European Tour.....more

Healthy, happy feet leads to a healthy, happy body - 10/05/2012
In this article, Dr Andrew Levik highlights how good foot care and maintenance is important in keeping a healthy body.......more

Healthy May: It comes down to self-discipline… - 9/05/2012
In this article, our regular Sport Psychologist, Dr. Andrea Furst, discusses the difficulties of maintaining a regular exercise routine on tour and summaries some of the common traps players frequently face. The article also reminds us of the importance of preparation and setting goals.....more

Get ready for Healthy May! - 1/05/2012
We are really excited about our HEALTHY MAY project. Over the next few weeks some of the top players from the LET will share their exercise secrets, talk about their routines and tell us why they train. But before they do, I thought it might be interesting to summarise what the science is saying about exercise and golf, particularly with respect to how exercise can help improve golf performance.....more

Does talent ruin people? - 7/03/2012
There is an ongoing debate regarding the contribution of natural talent to sporting success. ....more

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