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Tai Chi and Golf Biomechanics - 16/02/2012
In the first part of this article Jayne explains the 4 Fundamental Actions of Tai Chi - how to apply them for more balance and power at set-up, and how your game can benefit today. Then she discusses why “slow motion” practice was of benefit to golf’s greatest genius, Ben Hogan, and how you can use it to develop a more authentic and consistent swing.....more

Get off the range! - 6/10/2011
An opinion piece regarding the lost art of effective golf practice.....more

Time Constrained Health and Fitness - 9/09/2011
The good news is that from as little as 3 hours per week it is possible to gain, maintain and increase wellbeing and fitness.....more

Vitamins and Minerals – do I need to supplement? Part Three: Iron - 2/08/2011
Iron plays an important role in transporting oxygen around the body and iron deficiency can impair performance. Iron deficiency is one of if not the most common nutrient deficiency in the world. ....more

Work on your Creativity! - 6/07/2011
Our brain is inherently lazy. It wants to be efficient. It wants to be efficient to conserve energy. This conservation limits our ability to be creative. However, creativity is required to play the game of golf and creativity can actually improve golf performance.....more

Watch and Learn - 5/05/2011
It is extremely beneficial to watch experts ply their trade. Behavioural observations are helpful for players of all levels to see how the best guys in the world conduct themselves at one of the most prestigious tournaments in the golfing calendar.....more

Vitamins and Minerals – do I need to supplement? Part Two - Calcium - 5/04/2011
This nutrition article looks at some of the key minerals of importance for active women, in particular, iron and calcium.....more

The Importance of Proprioception - 2/03/2011
Increasingly today the term proprioception is used in relationship to sports performance. What exactly is it? Put simply, it is the ability to ’feel’, to communicate where a body part is without having to actually look at it.....more

Keeping your eye on the prize - 14/02/2011
A new year brings with it new resolutions and the opportunity for golfers of all standards to set new goals for the year ahead.....more

Is bone health ‘par for the course’? - 5/12/2010

This article discusses the importance of exercise for bone health.


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