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Breathe! - 12/01/2010

The benefits of breathing for enhanced wellbeing and performance have been around for many years. However, how many players commit time to regular practice of effective breathing for golf performance?


Hydration considerations for travel - 6/11/2009

Dehydration not only impacts on your ability to train, perform and recover, but can also have serious medical side effects.


Sources of Self-Confidence - 1/10/2009
How many times have you said or heard other players say, “I bogeyed the fifth and then I lost my confidence”, or “My confidence is gone”, or “I have to get my confidence back in my swing”? ....more

Improve your Hip Strength and your Swing - 1/09/2009
The hip joint is usually very flexible in multiple directions and relies on muscles to provide it with stability. ....more

Flexing for Golf - 3/08/2009

Stretching, strengthening and neuro-muscular patterning for golf.


Nutrition considerations for travelling - 21/07/2009

Planning and preparation for a healthy diet when travelling.


Short-term boredom for long-term results - 1/06/2009

The concept of consistency is often seen as boring. Whereas flamboyancy or flippancy are often seen as interesting and exciting. As a result, the emotional roller coaster becomes the path most travelled rather than the step-by-step approach of becoming a consistent player.


Look after your feet! - 1/05/2009
Ben Harcourt explains poor foot posture. ....more

Improving performance and avoiding neck and shoulder pain - 2/04/2009
Maria Verchenova of the Ladies European Tour demonstrates a self test for your upper body posture.....more

Muscling Up or Trimming down– what do golfers need? - 27/02/2009
When discussing the nutritional needs of my golfing clients, one of the first questions I ask them is….. “Can you achieve and maintain a suitable level of body weight, lean muscle mass and body fat suitable for the sport?” ....more

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