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Aussie players reveal little-known details about their compatriots
Nikki Garrett

We asked some of the Australian contingent on tour, who is the best dressed, the most committed to practise, the biggest flirt and funniest, among other things! Here are their replies…

From your country, who is the:

 Best dressed?

Kristie Smith: Sarah-Jane Smith.

Frances Bondad: On course: Kate Combes. Off-course: Danielle Montgomery.

Stacey Keating: Kate Combes.

Bree Arthur: Stephanie Na.

Nikki Garrett: Danielle Montgomery (I know she represents England but she is always an Aussie to me).

Most committed to practise?

Kristie Smith: Stacey Keating.

Frances Bondad: Tie between Stacey Keating and Rebecca Flood.

Stacey Keating: Frances Bondad.

Bree Arthur: Stacey Keating.

Nikki Garrett: Stacey Keating.

Who takes the longest to get ready?

Kristie Smith: Definitely Frances Bondad.

Frances Bondad: Me.

Stacey Keating: Danielle Montgomery.

Bree Arthur: Rebecca Flood.

Nikki Garrett: Karen Lunn (she has to stretch a lot!)

Frances Bondad

Biggest flirt?

Kristie Smith: That would be Frances (Bondad) again ha-ha!

Frances Bondad: It could be me. But I'm not too sure. 

Stacey Keating: Danielle Montgomery.

Nikki Garrett: Sarah Kemp.

Best dancer?

Kristie Smith: Frances!!

Stacey Keating: I’d like to say Combes but sorry, Frances pips you.

Bree Arthur: Frances Bondad.

Nikki Garrett: Frances Bondad.


Kristie Smith: Rebecca Flood.

Frances Bondad: A lot of people laugh AT me, not with me... does that make me funny?

Stacey Keating: Frances Bondad.

Bree Arthur: Kristie Smith.

Nikki Garrett: Kate Mcdouall (plays Australian events).

Rebecca Flood and Stacey Keating


Kristie Smith: Probably me ha-ha!

Frances Bondad: Stacey Keating.

Stacey Keating: Would it be wrong if I didn’t say me????

Bree Arthur: Frances Bondad.


Kristie Smith: Kate Combes.

Frances Bondad: Danielle Montgomery.

Stacey Keating: Nikki Garrett.

Bree Arthur: Nikki Garrett. 


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