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Melissa Reid wants to start 2012 in style

You must be looking forward to this year after a great year last year?

Yeah I am, obviously something great even. Hoping to bring what I have worked on to this week. Just recently finished 30th which isn’t ideal, want to try and compete in the bigger events.

Did you meet your goals last year?

Yeah definitely, this year I want to step up to a whole new level and try and get my LPGA card.

Have you attended Q-school in the States before?

Yeah in my first year but I think I missed my card by a couple of shots, I don’t want to have to go to Q-school but if I have to then that’s exactly what I’ll do. It’s not ideal for the Europeans as it’s very hard to make it through all the stages. It’s been hard in the past years to go to Q-school as I was injured one year and was at other tournaments during the other years.

The current changes that you have been working on with your coach, is it hard to keep to those changes if you were in the hunt on Sunday afternoon?

If it’s working no, but obviously if it’s not working then yeah. I’m not a big believer of rebuilding the swing but to have positions of the swing near perfect to help with consistency. During the winter in England because of the rubbish weather, I spent a lot of time going to the gym and getting fit along with working on certain areas of the swing that my body wouldn’t allow me to swing in a certain pattern.

With you both being English, do you have a good connection with Laura Davies?

Yeah, actually Laura is the reason I started playing golf even though she doesn’t like me saying that. For example, we played beach cricket the other day. We share similar personalities which is great. It’s great to have Laura who is a legend of the game to have to talk to.

Do you have a favourite story of her?

Yeah but nothing I can share on here.

Do you have any betting instincts?

Sometimes I like to have a little bet but nothing too big.

A golf course like this, does it suit your game when you’re playing well?

Nah, not really as I drive the ball consistently and I find that if you hit it off a little you can still get away with here it; I like the Melbourne courses more as they are tighter and longer. If Melbourne wasn’t so far away from home, I would buy a base down there, there are so many courses in Melbourne: it’s fantastic.

This tournament sees many players go on and have a great season!

Yeah the field is great here each year and it’s great to compete against these girls each year. The greens usually hold up pretty well, usually play target golf and hit the ball at the flag.

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