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First-round interviews from the 2012 Lalla Meryem Cup

First-round interviews from the 2012 Lalla Meryem Cup

March 22, 2012


Jade Schaeffer 67 (-4)

A four under today: very good on paper. How does it feel?

My feeling is very nice. I played very well today and very good up and downs. My putting is incredible and it’s unbelievable to have good putting because I have had so many problems with my putting for a long time and I try to have a good feeling. I think it’s a good feeling with my putting.

Is there a reason?

I practised my putting with my coach with a new material, like a plate. I think it’s maybe in the head too and I speak with my mental coach too, it’s so many reasons.

It was very windy today, but that wasn’t a problem for you?

It’s not really a problem but the wind changed in the middle of my round. It was okay because it’s not a strong wind and sometimes the drives were difficult but the rest was okay because I don’t have too many long shots, just on the par threes.

Is there a better way to play the course?

I don’t have an opinion on that because I started on one in the Pro Am and I started on one today. I played nine holes Tuesday from the tenth. I can’t tell you.

What do you need to do to stay at the top of the leader board?

To play the same game. I think to win a tournament it’s not only to have the win in your head: it’s an experience and it’s very slow. I think just play a good game shot by shot and after you can see.

Why are the French girls playing well in Morocco?

I think it’s French on the tour, but in Morocco, why? I don’t know. Maybe because we speak French always and the Moroccan people speak French. It’s very good organisation and it’s very good hot weather. Maybe the French people have been waiting for the sun. We have this year very many good players and I think you will see so many wins with the French players for sure.

Julie Maisongrosse 67 (-4)

Tell me about your preparation for the tournament.

I arrived Sunday and before I played the LET Access in Terre Blanche, Nice and that’s it.

Did you expect to do well?

I expected but I didn’t know that I played good today and I’m happy.

What do you think you did well today?

The driving. The back nine are very hard with the wind behind and the second shot too and the putting. The long drive and the long. With the wind it’s very difficult and a lot of fairways are very sloped.

You started well on the front nine and didn’t do so well on the back nine. Is that because it’s more difficult?

On the front nine you don’t feel the wind and the back nine you feel it. The par fours are very long.

Tomorrow you could go out as the leader. Do you do anything different?

No, just normal. I know it will be hard tomorrow and I stay concentrated.

First visit to Morocco?

Two years I played. Last year in Mohammedia and last year in Agadir.


Sophie Walker 68 (-3)

How do you assess your first round?

I think it’s pretty good. It’s pretty windy out there and the course is pretty tight so it’s important to keep it in play. Luckily the wind switched to what we were practising in so that was better because at the start of the day it was totally the opposite, so that definitely helped me.

It was coming from a totally different direction to yesterday, then it switched, then it dropped and then it got back up again so my front nine, which was the back nine, was the same wind that I’ve been practising in.

Did you feel this form was here?

I’ve got a new coach back home and I’ve been working really hard with him and I live by the coast so I’m used to the wind. I played alright last year in Morocco so I was looking forward to it.

Can you give me an idea of what you’ve been working on?

I changed coach to a man called Stewart Brewer and I’ve been working on the impact position, getting it a lot stronger and basically getting a better ball flight so that’s perfect in the wind. There is less curve on the ball and a stronger flight so in these conditions it really helped.

Is there anything tomorrow that you’ll be focusing on?

The tee shots are most important I think and if the wind keeps switching just keeping an eye on that.

Rebecca Codd 68 (-3)

Summarise your round.

It was pretty solid. I only had one bogey for the day and four birdies. I hit a lot of greens, a lot of fairways. Realistically I should have been lower. I missed a lot of ten footers but I’ll go out tomorrow, the greens will probably be rolling a bit better in the morning and I’ll roll a few more putts in.

Conditions have been tough all day.

Before I went out I thought the wind might pick up a bit and then it dropped and I thought we were going to get lucky. After six holes it picked up again and my back nine got quite windy so it was quite a tough finish the last three holes, especially nine: that was playing really tough. I don’t know what the forecast is tomorrow but hopefully in the morning we might get it a little easier.

Jo Morley on the bag: how does that help you?

Jo’s great. She’s so positive. She doesn’t let me get my head down at all and she pulls me into line pretty quick. I really enjoy it. I’m having a lot of fun out there.

Linda Wessberg 68 (-3)

What was the aim today?

I was trying just to hit all the fairways so that I could hit all the greens and I actually did that pretty well today and I putted well, so three under.

How difficult was it?

I think we were lucky playing in the afternoon. The wind was blowing much harder this morning: it was swirling though and blowing totally the other direction now than it did when we started so it’s been going around. It’s different but it’s good though.

How difficult was it practising in Sweden?

I played well in China and I’ve been home for two weeks. It’s been good because I’ve been able to work on technical stuff but on the other hand it’s tough to be at home now because the courses are not open yet. It was a little bit of a chance to get here and play one practice round and the Pro Am yesterday. I’ve been striking the ball well. I’m pretty happy with that.

How do you find the heat?

I’m used to it. I’ve been living in the US for a couple of years. I played on the LPGA and then also I went to school there. We played in Australia at the beginning of the year and that was really hot too. It wasn’t too bad but it was warm.

Can you give us an idea of the technical stuff you’ve been working on?

It’s kind of complicated. It’s the same stuff I’ve been trying to do for a few years but when I’m home for a while I did a six week strip at the beginning of the year so it’s always nice to see your coach and check up on stuff.

You are one of the more experienced players. You must be quietly confident going into the weekend.

Well there are a lot of good players and on this course anything can happen. I’m just going to try and hit the fairways and greens and do what I’ve been doing and see what happens.





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