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Rookie Blogs: Kendall Dye reports from Prague
Enjoying time off in Ascona, Switzerland

Kendall wrote:

Myself, Esther Choe, Alison Whitaker, Dawn Shockley, and Stephanie Na shopping in Rotterdam

Hey everyone! My name is Kendall Dye and I am a rookie on the LET. I am from Edmond, Oklahoma but live in Phoenix, Arizona now. This is my third season as a professional golfer. I've spent my time playing in the States on the LPGA Futures Tour but I decided to change things up this year and give myself more playing opportunities. I had never been out of the country until this year. Since January I have been to Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, and Czech Republic. I could be missing a country or two...


I am currently in Prague preparing for my last of five consecutive tournaments. I've experienced so much in the past five weeks that I could write a novel but I'll spare you all and give you guys just a brief run down of some cool things that I've experienced.  


Germany was unreal. The golf course was in fantastic shape and thousands came out to watch. I didn't play my best but I did get to test drive a €220,000 Audi R8. That doesn't happen every day.


Test driving in Munich

I met some great people in my second week in the Netherlands. I played decent and got eaten alive from the midges on the golf course. I experienced Amsterdam and the Red Light District at the end of the week...enough said.  


Slovakia was a struggle for me in the third week.  I was sick with the flu and almost withdrew for the first time in my life from the tournament. I was extremely miserable health wise so not many positives came from that week. I survived but I'm pretty sure the entire Tour knew I was the sick girl that week.


One of the main reasons why I wanted to come over to Europe for the summer was because of our fourth week in Switzerland. If I had stayed back in the States I would have had to play in Decatur, Illinois. Switzerland? Illinois? Switzerland? Illinois? It was an extremely easy decision and the town of Ascona exceeded my expectations. Such a beautiful, neat town with friendly people who didn't care to speak much English. I was a happy girl because I was finally around food that looked appetizing to me. Golf went well and I kept thinking how blessed I was to be able to play golf in Switzerland!  


Finally, I am in my fifth week in Prague, Czech Republic. This city is unreal. The buildings, river, castle, bridges make me feel that I'm in a dream. I can't believe I get to be in such a neat place and play professional golf on top of that. I don't know too many 25 year olds who get to live such a blessed life. I knew this trip was going to be a long one yet one that would fly by at the same time.  I miss home like crazy but I wanted to cherish each day that I was over here and not take a day for granted.  I've met some fantastic people and seen some amazing parts of the world.  The LET is a great tour.  I feel like a professional. I'm treated with respect.  People learn your name quickly and care about you. I'm so thankful that I decided to play on the LET this summer. I've gained experiences that are priceless and I've learned a lot about myself as a person and a player.  Playing five weeks in a row is a grind but I am coming back to the US with so much more than when I left over a month ago. I'm not sure what my future is going to hold but this was a trip of a lifetime and one I'll never forget.  

Hannah Jun, myself, and Jennie Lee in Munich


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