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Rookie Blogs: Jessica Yadloczky reports from Prague

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jessica wrote:


What a weird week. Coming off 3 good finishes the last 3 tournaments, my last thought of the week was being close to withdrawing. I had high expectations and was really ready to finish off the three month trip in a good way! 
We played 9 holes on Tuesday, 9 holes on Wednesday plus a junior pro am (which my team won!) and was ready for a good day of practice on Thursday before the first round. As I noticed in the practice days, the greens were very firm and tricky but was looking forward to practicing getting to know them on Thursday.

I started to feel really sick on Wednesday night (I had felt the same one day in Holland but it went away the next morning before round 1 of the Deloitte Open) and I wasn’t sure what it was. I was really dizzy, barely could stand for 5 minutes without feeling sick. Danny and I thought it was dehydration because for the past 3 weeks it has been SO hot and humid and we also haven’t been sleeping very well so we just thought it was exhaustion. I went to bed (Wednesday night) and hoping it would go away for Thursday to practice all day before round 1. I woke up and didn’t feel any better but worse so we just laid around for a few more hours waiting for it to go away. After drinking tons of water, I thought I felt good enough to go to the course (45 mins away) and practice for a few hours. I got to the course Thursday afternoon and had to be taken away in an ambulance because I felt so dizzy and they wanted me to go get checked. I went to the local hospital, they gave me an IV and did blood work, everything was fine on paper but I still didn’t feel right, still dizzy. They diganosed it as... exhaustion. I come to find out that over six players have had the same feeling for the last 3 weeks and more and more are complaining about being dizzy...It happens to be an inner ear infection. As I think about it more, I have been feeling symptoms of a cold and headaches for the last couple days. All in all, I have something like vertigo along with several other players apparently. I decided not to withdraw 10 minutes before my tee time because I did actually felt a bit better and wanted to try to get through the rounds. I wasn’t dizzy hitting shots and standing still it was just looking around and walking so Danny took care of yardages and other things and I just played. I actually hit the ball really well for how I felt and ended up hitting 12 greens but shot +4 with six 3 putts!!!!!!! I don’t think I have ever had more than 3 a round so that wasn’t fun but I got through it.

We went to get medicine recommended by some of the other players and of course, my mom :) and went to bed Friday night. Today (Saturday, round 2) I woke up feeling better than the day before and felt as if I could put a low number together to try to make the cut. I was still feeling the effects of vertigo but less severe. Danny and I made a goal today to keep our mind off of the scoreboard and cut and it was 15 greens! I actually ended up hitting 15 greens and 8 fairways! I am still hitting it very well. My putter did not cooperate this week and I was never very comfortable on the greens. My preparation was not sufficient due to the circumstance 2 days before the tournament started and that is was cost me the cut this week. I am still going back to the States feeling confident, blessed and satisfied with this first leg of tournaments and am looking forward to the next one! We will be leaving again at the end of July and I have played well enough to keep us going! The next leg is 2.5 months started in Dublin, Ireland.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it on my prior blogs but this is the tentative upcoming schedule!

Dublin, Ireland

Buckinghamshire, England


Canary Islands, Spain



Then back home for 3 weeks then possibly off to China for 3 weeks at the end of October!!

It’s a crazy life, but I am so thankful for all of the support and love from everyone behind me. I couldn't do it without it. To be able to travel the world doing what you love with the person you love is beyond amazing. Hope to see many of you when we get back to Florida next week!

God Bless


Follow her at her blog here:

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