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Bénédicte Toumpsin answers our Olympic Summer of Sports questionnaire

With just days to go before the start of the London Games we asked several LET golfers about their favourite Olympic memories and their thoughts on golf rejoining the programme at Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Here is what Bénédicte Toumpsin had to say.

  1. What are your favourite Olympic Sports? I love plenty of different sports but I have a special interest in track and field, equestrian events and tennis.
  2. Who is your favourite Olympic sportswoman or man? Why? I would have no hesitation to say Roger Federer. He has been on the top for years now and I think he is a huge role model in tennis in terms of ethics and attitude on a court. Every athlete can refer to him.
  3. What sport or event do you like to watch during the Olympics? Track and field. I have a few friends with whom I went to university who are going to run for the United States. Always nice to cheer for somebody you personally know.
  4. Have you got any plans to go to watch any event regarding London 2012? No plans yet but I will definitely take some time out of my schedule to watch it.
  5. Which country do you think will win more medals during London 2012? What about Great Britain? I think Russia and the United States are usually the two biggest for gold medals, but maybe being at home is going to boost team GB.
  6. Do you practice currently or have you ever practiced any other Olympic Sport, apart from Golf? I used to ski and play tennis before I played golf. I still play some tennis with friends for fun.
  7. What is your favourite moment at any Olympics Games? I think the most powerful moment was in 1968 when Tommy Smith and John Carlos raised the Black Power gesture or moreover the human rights gesture in a protest in complete silence. This had a huge impact for the modern Olympic Games against racism.
  8. Have you met any Olympic athletes apart from Vera Shimanskaya? I know a few people who I met at the University of Carolina. Natasha Hasting won a golf medal in relay with the United States. Justine Henin, our famous Belgian tennis player.
  9. If you were not a golf professional, what other Olympic Sport would you have liked to practice? I think tennis. I love the game but I chose golf and have zero regrets about it.
  10. How do you think golf will change from 2016 after being a new Olympic Sport? We will definitely have more exposure but again it is going to take some time. There are a lot of Olympic sports that are unknown to us. We are always surprised to know they exist. Golf is already known by the public. It’s going to touch a different crowd. I hope they are going to be successful in the first edition in Rio.


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