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Miyazato eyes third Evian Masters title
World No 4 Ai Miyazato during a press conference on Wednesday at Evian

The defending champion Ai Miyazato from Japan feels ready to repeat her winning performances of 2009 and 2011 at the Evian Masters 2012.


MODERATOR:  We'd like to welcome defending champion Ai Miyazato into the interview room.  This place has some special meaning to you, I know.  As a two‑time winner here, just tell me some thoughts about being back here after such a special victory last year.

            AI MIYAZATO:  It's always nice to be back here.  I have such a great memory since last few years.  It's just a one place, just beautiful nature, beautiful people, and it's perfect place for golf tournament, so it's always fun to stay here.

            MODERATOR:  And this golf course, having won here twice, is it a golf course that suits your eye?  I know there have been some slight changes this year as they start to get ready for next year when it becomes a major.

            Is this a golf course that you love to play?

            AI MIYAZATO:  Yeah, for sure.  I had a practice round last couple days and it's definitely longer than last year, so I was thinking it's going to be interesting this week.

            But I'm still have a good feeling with this golf course, so looking forward to play this weekend.

            MODERATOR:  This year has been pretty good to you so far.  You're leading the official Money List on the LPGA Tour, two victories so far this year.  Talk to me about your game and how you feel about your game coming into this week.

            AI MIYAZATO:  Yes, you know, my putting average is pretty good.  It's always my important thing, especially the short game, because I'm not hit long.  So my short game and my putting is definitely feeling about good this year.  That's why I think I won twice.

            Also my mental is getting strong, so I have confidence with my game and I trust myself and I trust my swing.  I trust my tempo as well.

            And also I'm having fun with may game, too, so that's why I think I've been playing good so far.

            MODERATOR:  The big difference from last year it took you until this tournament to get a victory under your belt last season.  Do you feel like this start has changed your outlook for the rest of year as far as goals?

            AI MIYAZATO:  Yeah, yeah, definitely.  Because like I said, last year was a little bit tough year for me, you know, especially that earthquake and Japan.  That makes a little, how do you say, different my mind.

            But after this tournament my confidence was back and I starting to feel more comfortable and more trying to having fun and trying to get back to good news in Japan.  All the things kind of came together, so it was really nice.

            But I really appreciate last year, the tournament helping for the Japan relief.  It was really nice to having had the help from the tournament.  I never forget that, because I felt really inspiring from that.

            So I had a great memory.

            MODERATOR:  Questions for Ai?


            Q.  Golf changes from one year to another.  Yani had a great year and this year she didn't.  Is it a mental thing that changes when you go into another year when things go wrong, or what is it?

            AI MIYAZATO:  That's a good question.  2010 I had a great year.  I had five titles in a year and then last year only one.

            But I think I didn't feel that I had a bad year at all last year.  You know, it's still ‑‑

            INTERPRETER:  Definitely the break after the season makes it difficult to keep the flow.  Obviously I'm doing my best.

            Last year I was only able to win once, but I didn't feel like that was an unsuccessful season.

            You know, it is definitely tough to keep the flow going after a break, but just have to live with it.

            MODERATOR:  Next year this event becomes a major.  This is the last year it's going to be played at the Evian Masters.  Next year it will be the Evian Championship and will become the fifth major on the LPGA Tour schedule.

            Having been around this event so long, how much do you think the event will change becoming a major, and how excited are you to see this event take on this title?

            AI MIYAZATO:  I mean, the fifth major is definitely huge for women's golf because we never done that before.  So I don't know how it's going to feel, but it's going to be great.  This tournament is already great, but then becoming a major, that's like fantastic for me.

            So I think everyone feels the same way.  The golf course is going to be like (indiscernible) next year, so I still can't imagine because I have such a great memory with this golf course.

            But still, atmosphere is going to be great.  It's going to be definitely good for everyone, so I'm looking forward to playing next year.

            But this week is more important right now.

            MODERATOR:  Enjoy it as it's still the Evian Masters.  Do we have any more questions for Ai in English?  Okay, thank you very much.



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