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What the players said after round two at the Evian Masters

An interview with STACY LEWIS and PAULA CREAMER

Stacy Lewis

STACY LEWIS 63 69=132 (-12)

PAULA CREAMER 68 67=135 (-9)

Paula Creamer

            MODERATOR:  Welcome to the 2012 Evian Masters.  We're doing something a little bit different here.  We thought we would bring in two players who have played the last 36 holes together:  Stacy Lewis, who is tied for the lead, and Paula Creamer, who is tied for third right now.

            Stacy, we'll start with you as a co‑leader.  Obviously you're playing great.  You have been playing great all year.  What went right for you today?

            STACY LEWIS:  Today was actually a little bit more of a struggle for me.  I wasn't really sure how I would play coming off a good score yesterday.  It's hard when you make pars and you feel like you're going backwards because of all the birdies I made yesterday.

            It wasn't the best, but I made two birdies late and fought through it.  Pretty happy today.

            MODERATOR:  Paula, obviously a fantastic shot there on 18 to close the day.  You crept up the leaderboard all day and put yourself in a great position.  You're a past champion here, so a lot of great feelings.  Take us through year day.

            PAULA CREAMER:  No, I only missed two greens today, which is a lot better than yesterday.  One of my strengths in my game is irons and just giving myself opportunities, and today I kind of took advantage of that and made some good putts and also left some out there.

            It will be an exciting weekend, that's for sure.  Hopefully the weather holds off for us, too.

            MODERATOR:  What's the best thing you've done here this week in Evian Masters ‑ aside from your golf game?

            PAULA CREAMER:  I went over to Lausanne the other day.  It's my second time there.  I went actually the year I won and wanted to go back over.  I wanted to go to the Olympic Village but it was closes.

            But still it's a beautiful place over there.  Really just trying different kinds of foods and trying to embrace the culture over here.

            MODERATOR:  Stacy, you've been having a great year; you've got a couple wins under your belt; you've been climbing up the Rolex Rankings.  Just take us through your year for those who might not be following it every week how you feel you've been playing and what's gone right for you.

            STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, I got off to a really good start this year.  I lost in a playoff in Australia, and that's the best start I've had to any year.  Usually I'm pretty slow getting started, so I was pretty happy with that.

            Then we got in a little swing in there kind of in the summer in ‑‑ was it ShopRite and ‑‑ yeah, ShopRite, Sybase, Wegman's, and Mobile.  I went on a streak there and played really well and won twice.

            I was disappointed coming of the U.S. Open.  I felt like I was playing good going into the tournament, and kind of got ahead of myself that week.  So I was disappointed with that, but I'm happy the way I bounced back from that tournament and just kind of kept moving on from there.

            MODERATOR:  You guys are Solheim Cup teammates.  Obviously you play a lot of golf together.  Stacy, what's the best part of Paula's game?

            PAULA CREAMER:  Tell me what is the best part of my game.

            STACY LEWIS:  Playing with her is so much fun.  No, Paula, she always hits it good, every time I play with her she's solid fairways and greens.  She finds a way to will putts in the hole.  That's what's pretty amazing to me.  I talked to her about it at Solheim.  I was like, How do you make so many long putts when she has to?

            She can find a way to will the ball into the hole.  You probably haven't been that happy with your year, I'm sure.

            PAULA CREAMER:  No.

            STACY LEWIS:  But she played great these last two days.  It was lot of fun playing with her today.  She had some putts go in, and it kind of helped the whole group, I think.

            PAULA CREAMER:  It was like yesterday with you.  You were making so many good putts.  And that's the nice thing, when you can play with a player that's playing well.  We haven't played a ton this year together, but when you do play with somebody that has a lot of the momentum, it helps you just as much.

            MODERATOR:  Questions for the ladies?  We'll do one more from me.  Unlikely probably that you'll be paired together going into the week, but from both of you, Stacy first, what do you have to do to get your third win and first win here at the Evian Masters?

            STACY LEWIS:  As you've seen today, you have to make birdies.  You can't try to force it though, that's the hard part.  You want to try to birdie every hole, but that's usually when you get in trouble.

            So it's staying patient out there and making putts.  Just got to keep making birdies and climbing up that leaderboard.

            MODERATOR:  And Paula, obviously the last win, the 2010 U.S. Open, was a huge one for you.  Been trying to get the next win.  A past champion here.  Tell us what have to do in the next 36 holes to get back in the winner's circle.

            PAULA CREAMER:  If you played this golf course the way it's meant ‑‑ obviously Stacy played well; I have 9‑under.  You can do it out here.  You get little confidence and start hitting your irons close and anything can happen.

            There is a lot of golf left.  Most importantly, like what Stacy said, you just have to take it when you can.  They have been moving some tees around here and there, and I'm sure some of the pin placements will be a little bit different tomorrow.  Some of 'em you can go for, and some of 'em you can't.  You just have to stay in your own little world and take care of your own business.


An interview with: INBEE PARK 71 64=135 (-9)

Q. First off, congratulations, great round, 8‑under par.  Big difference from yesterday.  What was the biggest difference in your game?

            INBEE PARK:  It was the par‑5s that cost me yesterday because I have made three bogeys on the par‑5s yesterday.  Well, I was going for it, and most of the time it gave me a lot of trouble.  I tried to play a little bit more conservatively today on the par‑5s, and that really worked out well.

            And over the five years I had really problems with the greens because I couldn't read them and I just couldn't putt around this golf course.

            Today I putted great.  I think that was why I was able to shoot a low number.


            Q.  Did you feel pretty good about your game?  Even with the way you shot yesterday, did you feel a score like this might be possible?

            INBEE PARK:  Yeah, I mean, a lot of people had great scores yesterday.  Greens are a little bit quicker this year, so thought it might play a little bit different this year.

            Lengthening the course, and I think a little bit harder, harder on the ‑‑ the (indiscernible) are a little bit harder today.  Playing in the afternoon, so that gave me extra distance to go for it in the par‑5s.


            Q.  As you were saying they lengthened some of the holes.  There have been some slight changes getting ready for next year when this will be much bigger.  Is it playing much different?

            INBEE PARK:  Um, I actually think it's playing similar except for the greens.  Greens got a lot quicker.


            Q.  Knowledge of the greens everybody says helps.  Is that the biggest thing?

            INBEE PARK:  Yeah, definitely.  It took me five years.  Yeah, took me a lot of time to get to know these greens.


            Q.  At the top of the leaderboard again heading into the weekend, what are the biggest keys for you?

            INBEE PARK:  I think it's mostly putting good.  I think getting comfortable with the putting around this golf course, because in some places are really quick, some places are really slow, some places breaks a lot, and some places just doesn't.

            It's really tricky, these greens, so it's getting used to the greens.


            Q.  Thank you very much.

            INBEE PARK:  Thank you.


An interview with: ILHEE LEE 66 67 133 (-11)



Q. You must be pleased with today.

            ILHEE LEE:  Yeah, really happy to play good these two days.


            Q.  Did you change your game at all today?

            ILHEE LEE:  No, nothing changed.  Just same golf.


            Q.  And how are you feeling about the rest of the week?

            ILHEE LEE:  I mean, now I feel really good.  I'm going to try to keep this feel to the weekend.  Yeah.


            Q.  So you played good today.

            ILHEE LEE:  Yeah.


            Q.  Shot 67.

            ILHEE LEE:  Uh‑huh.


            Q.  Tell me what worked well for you today.  Why did you play well?

            ILHEE LEE:  I have think my putting feels really good this week.  And then the last tournament, in U.S. Open, that makes me more confidence and then play better than before.

            Yeah, and then I got more like relax to golf, to play tournament.  So everything is getting better, I think.  Yeah.


            Q.  So U.S. Open, tied for fourth.

            ILHEE LEE:  Yeah.


            Q.  Best finish.  How much confidence did that give you coming here?

            ILHEE LEE:  Oh, first, I'm not worried about next year.


            Q.  Right.

            ILHEE LEE:  That makes, I mean, a lot difference.

            Then this event feels like bonus game, so it's just, I mean, take it easy and then just hang out playing.  That's different.  Way different.  Before the U.S. Open it's way different.


            Q.  What is your favorite thing about Evian?

            ILHEE LEE:  Oh, this field is like, I mean, never seen this field before.


            Q.  You've never seen?

            ILHEE LEE:  No.  It's amazing.  And then I went to Switzerland Tuesday.


            Q.  Yeah.  To Lausanne?

            ILHEE LEE:  Uh‑huh.


            Q.  Did you go to the Olympic museum?

            ILHEE LEE:  We didn't know how to take a train so we walk up to the top.  So, yeah, we just walk around and then come back.


            Q.  Who did you go with?

            ILHEE LEE:  Eun‑Hee Ji and Jennifer Song.  We had great time.  Couple hours.


            Q.  Two more days; you've been playing great.  How are you feeling about being near the top of the leaderboard for Saturday and Sunday?

            ILHEE LEE:  Yeah, I mean, it's going to be same, same as today, same as yesterday.  Yeah.

            Then first made cut.  (Laughter.)  I don't think about the other.  I just going to go have fun on the golf course.  Yeah, I mean, same.  It's going to be same.


            Q.  What's the best part of your game?

            ILHEE LEE:  I like my iron shot, like short iron.  I like iron shots.  This week my putting is really good, so...


            Q.  Why is that, the greens or just your stroke is better?

            ILHEE LEE:  The greens, I think it's confidence.


            Q.  Can you tell me more about yourself, hobbies, what you like to do?

            ILHEE LEE:  Oh, I like taking picture.  I like video.  I do have my own video like camcorder always with me.

            Then, yeah, I like ‑‑ yeah, I like those things.


            Q.  Do you have a web page or something where you can see your videos?

            ILHEE LEE:  I don't yet.  I have to make.


            Q.  You should.

            ILHEE LEE:  Yeah, okay.


            Q.  How old are you and where do you come from?

            ILHEE LEE:  23 now, and from Seoul.


            Q.  So is this your rookie year on the LPGA?

            ILHEE LEE:  No, it's my third year actually.  This is my first playing here in Evian.


            Q.  Did you qualify by the U.S. Open performance?

            ILHEE LEE:  Uh‑huh, but couple weeks ago I didn't know if I can play here even.


            Q.  So you said this is like a bonus.

            ILHEE LEE:  Yeah.


An interview with: MIKA MIYAZATO 67 69=136 (-8)



Q. Great round.  Three shots behind right now I think, or two.  Just tell us how you played today.

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  Very patient today.  Like front nine I have many birdie chance but I not make it, but back nine is much better the putting, so I make three birdie and bogey‑free round.


            Q.  How does your game feel overall this year?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  Overall this game this season not so very well.  But like start ShopRite, Wegman's, couple events much better feel of my golf game.

            So I'm more confidence.


            Q.  What's your favorite thing about being here at the Evian Masters?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I went it Switzerland a couple days ago.


            Q.  What did you do there?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  Just sightseeing.


            Q.  Did you go to the Olympic museum?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  No.


            Q.  Tell us about the weekend.  You're in a great position.

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I think so.


            Q.  What do you have to do to finish at the top of the leaderboard?

            MIKA MIYAZATO:  I think so many people chance to the weekend, so I need to make more birdie.  My shot is very well, so keep continue two more days and make more putt.


Beatriz Recari 71 66=137 (-7)

A 66 puts you right in the tournament. You must be happy with that?

Definitely, especially, this is my third year and first time playing the weekend so that’s kind of like two goals achieved. I wanted to make sure that I put myself in a good position and play solid golf and I’ve made some really good putts as well and hit some really good second shots to the green so I’m very happy.

I’m looking forward to playing the weekend but especially being tied fifth right now. I’m very glad.

What did you do differently from previous years?

I think my game wasn’t right for this kind of course because you never have a flat lie, so that was definitely a challenge for me. Coming into this week we had two weeks off and I made sure that I practiced a lot of uneven lies with the ball above my feet, below my feet, different kinds of awkward stance. I’ve worked really hard in the winter to get my game in general to the next level and I’m really happy with how I’m playing this season and think I’ve definitely given it a little extra and I’ve been playing very solid so I’m very happy and hope that I keep it up on the weekend.

Where did you practice your uneven lies?

I just went onto the course and found some mounds and just practised different shots. I’ve moved to Orlando now and I’m in Lake Nona. I went to the course and practised everything but a flat lie.

What would be a good finish here?

I don’t like to put up a score. I just want to make sure I do the same as the last two days, go one shot at a time and place them in the right spot, because the greens are very undulating and its definitely much easier to make putts from below the hole so you have to place it in the right spot.

Are you still working with Ian Triggs?

I’m working with Tom Creavy, the coach for Se Ri Pak and Amy Yang in Orlando, at Metro West.

What have you been working on in general?

I wanted to improve my swing, work on basics and make it work under pressure. I told Tom that I like to hit my regular draw shot so I make sure I am hitting a consistent draw shot. That’s something we’ve been working on: my takeaway and backswing position and from there a very athletic follow through.

After this what is your schedule?

Back to the States. I have three in a row, a week off, three in a row and the second is the British Open so a lot of travelling and I’ll need to make sure that I get a lot of rest!

An interview with:


An interview with: CHEYENNE WOODS 71 69=140 (-4)


Q. Congratulations.  First cut made on the LPGA Tour.

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  I know.  So exciting.


            Q.  Just how do you feel?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  I'm so excited.  It feels so good, one, to be out here in France, and then to play so well and finally make a cut.

            This is the best I've played since I've started playing, getting exemptions and playing here on tour.  So it's really exciting.


            Q.  Just take us through your round today.  What worked for you?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  I was hitting the ball really well.  I think I hit like 15 greens.  Still didn't make a few putts here and there, but overall I was very happy with my game.

            Ball‑striking was the best it's been in a while.


            Q.  Just for the weekend, obviously I'm sure one of the goals was to make the cut, but now what are you looking for in the next 36 holes?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  I mean, just to continue what I'm doing.  Don't change my game plan.  Just continue to play my game and stay calm out here.

            I feel a lot more comfortable out here this week.  I think the last two tournaments I've played have given me a lot of experience, so I'm thankful for that and excited to be here.


            Q.  Was that a birdie at the last?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  Yes.


            Q.  So you finished at 4‑under overall.

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  4‑under, yes.


            Q.  Great.  Do you think there is less pressure to make the cut here that you are far from U.S.A. or not?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  I don't know.  I guess you could say, but it's still a lot of pressure.  I mean, it's still a big event.  It's so prestigious to be out here.  I'm so thankful to be out here.

            I think it's different being away from home.  My family is not here.  I'm here with my friend Danielle Kang.

            I don't know why I played better here.


            Q.  You seem very relaxed on the course, because I saw laughing.  I don't know why.  Maybe you almost fall or something.

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  Yes, we tripped.


            Q.  Okay.  So that was very funny just to see you this way.

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  Yeah.  I mean, I think it helped a lot playing with Danielle.  We're rooming together, and it's nice to have somebody there that I know.  We have fun throughout the entire round.


            Q.  Do you have a way to handle the pressure, or is it your natural behavior?  You seem very smiley girl, even in a country you don't know.  You are always like that?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  Yeah, for the most part.  I mean, I enjoy being out here playing golf and being on the LPGA; playing in these events is awesome.

            I usually don't get too down on myself on the course.  Today was just a good day, so I had no reason not to smile.


            Q.  Do you think Tiger will have a look on this little part of the world?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  I don't know.  Hopefully he's checking up on scores.  I'm sure he's busy though.  He's a busy man.


            Q.  No tweets from Tiger?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  He doesn't really tweet this much.  He's not big into Twitter, so...


            Q.  What happened at 15?  Did you hit a bad shot?  Miss the green?  Wrong iron or something?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  Yeah, on 15 I didn't catch the slope on my second shot so I was up in the rough with a bad lie.  I just didn't get it up on the green.  Hit it left in the rough and chipped it and missed.


            Q.  You're very smiley.  Tiger usually has his game face, and that's not your game face.  You are Madam Smiles.  Don't we all agree?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  That's so funny.  I didn't realize I smiled so much.


            Q.  It's nice and you've got a lovely smile.

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  Thank you.


            Q.  Have you been to Europe before?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  Well, I've been to Scotland a few years ago.  This is the first time to France and everything.


            Q.  When you were in Scotland did you play?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  It wasn't a tournament.  I was just there with a golf group from the United States and we just played different courses in the area.


            Q.  Where did you go?

            CHEYENNE WOODS:  St. Andrews.  We didn't play St. Andrews, but we played like the Castle Course and some right in that area along the cliffs and stuff.




Q. Just tell me how you played today.

            KARINE ICHER:  Playing good.  Putting was not as good as yesterday.  The green was a little bit slower because obviously we're playing in the afternoon so it's slower than in the morning.

            So I missed some makable putts.  Hope to do better tomorrow.


            Q.  Still getting a lot of support out there from the locals?

            KARINE ICHER:  Yeah, it's fun to play with all the fans and all the people watching for you and go for you.  So it's a lot of fun, yeah.


            Q.  Today Franck and Jacques were talking a lot about this event becoming a major, they're not in it for profit; they trying to grow golf.  Yesterday you were talking about how you hope to inspire young French girls.

            KARINE ICHER:  Yeah.


            Q.  What do you think this tournament can go do for golf in France and actually around the world?

            KARINE ICHER:  I hope it's going to encourage the young French girl to try golf ‑ at least to try.  Maybe if we have 200 girls going to try, two or three going to make it through professional and everything.

            That's the goal.  I think we have a beautiful country, good golf courses.  Just the goal is to have more and more young player, like Asia do for young kids playing golf.


Carly Booth 72 73=145 +1

Carly, it looks like you’ve made the cut in your first Evian Masters. That’s pretty good.

I mean, I woke up this morning and I couldn’t put any weight on my left leg.

Was it playing in the charity football match last night?

I don’t know because I kick and everything with my right and it’s my left knee. Maybe it’s because of tightness beforehand and that’s maybe just inflamed it doing certain movements at football because I’ve not exactly played football often so that probably helped cause the reason why it’s hurting.

I still can’t straighten it properly and had the whole day with not being able to transfer my weight onto my left side, so I don’t know. I seem to have found a way on the range to take it to the round.

I mean, I actually hit it pretty well today, to be honest. I missed a couple of putts but I mean, now I think I’m getting a bit more used to the greens so hopefully at the weekend I can improve there.

I’ll get some ice.

When did you last play football?

Last time I played was in Portugal a year ago.

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