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Switzerland’s Caroline Rominger on her Olympic hopes for 2016

With golf rejoining the Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro in 2016, we interviewed  Switzerland’s Caroline Rominger on her experiences of the Games.

What are your favourite Olympic sports? Skiing and tennis

Who are favourite Olympic athletes? Didier Cuche and Roger Federer

What sport or event do you like to watch during the Olympics? If I am home I watch almost everything. Olympics are so special that I am happy for every sportwoman and man who can win a medal. And I like it to watch when we have good Swiss athletes.

Have you got any plans to go to watch any event regarding London 2012? No, I will follow it on TV.

Which country do you think will win more medals during London 2012? I hope that the Swiss can win many medals, but not sure if the most!

Which Olympic Games you liked the most and why? In winter I like skiing, because I ski a lot as well in winter time and we have many good skiers in Switzerland. My grandfather, Edy Rominger, used to be an Olympic skier, so that makes it even more exciting. In summer I like tennis, because Roger Federer is just great to watch. We, the Swiss are very proud of him. I play tennis since I am little and started again playing more this year with my boyfriend Oliver.

Do you practice currently or have you ever practiced any other Olympic Sport, apart from Golf? Yes, as I said, skiing and tennis. But I also do cross country, swimming and horse riding. But with my passion of golf I don’t have a lot of time to do all the other sports.

What is your favourite moment from any Olympics Games? When Federer and Wawrinka won the Gold medal, this was a great moment.

Have you met any other Olympic medal Sportmen/women apart from Vera Shimanskaya? I met Didier Cuche at the Pro Am for the Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss Open. That was a special moment, because I only know him from TV. I did also meet Tanja Frieden who won the medal in Snowboarding and I am an ambassador for Cimier Swiss Watches with her. She is very funny and has always a smile on her face.

If you were not a golf professional, what other Olympic Sport would you like to practice? Skiing, but not the downhill, that looks so crazy and dangerous. When I was little I use to do races but I was never so good. So I guess I have more chance in golf to participate at the Olympics.

Do you know the procedure to get selected to enter Rio 2016, where golf will be for the first time a new Sport? As far as I know it is still not clear. The top 15-20 will be exempt and then only a max of two players per country. But there will also be criteria in every country. So we will see.

How do you think golf will change from 2016 after being a new Olympic Sport? For our sport it will be great to be in the Olympics. Many people will love it even more and hopefully many will also try this great sport. I am looking forward to 2016 and practising hard to have a good chance to be playing for Switzerland and the Swiss Olympics.

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