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Carly Booth meets the media ahead of her Ricoh Women´s British Open debut

CARLY BOOTH:  Yeah, I'm excited to be here.  Very much looking forward to the week.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  Have you had a chance to play this course in the past or is this the first time this week.

            CARLY BOOTH:  No, I've played it on two previous occasions, but over a year ago.  My family is from here so I came down to this area a bunch but it's looking awesome.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  A lot of the other girls are saying how difficult it was particularly yesterday in the wind.  Would you agree with that?

            CARLY BOOTH:  Oohh, that was something else.  I played the Pro‑Am in the afternoon, and we got at least 40‑mile‑an‑hour winds.  So it was definitely ‑‑ the course itself is in great shape, but the weather is going to be key this week how to play.


            Q.  From your experience, do you find that Scots are better at accepting weather than other people?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I don't know.  I mean, I think if you're from Britain, you're more used to it so maybe you're easier to adapt to it.  For me it's been a while, because I've been traveling in Europe ‑‑ so try and get a feel for more shots.


            Q.  When you were playing on your course at home, would you go out in any weather?

            CARLY BOOTH:  Yeah.  My dad would make me (big smile).


            Q.  How far did you get?  Would he come out with you or would you just dispatch him to the know and get on with it how did it work?

            CARLY BOOTH:  No, he would cut the grass and I would try to hit him with golf balls.  (Smiling).


            Q.  The access Tour, that was your first win, and then you came on to the main Tour; up until that would it be fair to say that you struggled a wee bit to find your feet, so what's made the big difference?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I guess my first two years an Tour were a little bit of a struggle.  I think just finding my feet ‑‑ my first year on Tour, I was still in school so that was hard to try to do both.  Last year I was just purely focusing on the Tour and I did struggle.  I missed my first six cuts and I think my confidence went right down from there.  So then I started playing a little bit better towards the end of the year and then went back to TOUR School and missed out in a playoff.  But I think, you know, this year, the main focus is to just try and enjoy my golf.  I was trying too much, and then just kind of relaxed I think and all started to just come together.


            Q.  So were there any key technical things in your game that you suddenly focussed on or that you changed?

            CARLY BOOTH:  My long game was always pretty good.  I was always pretty happy with that.  We had focussed on my short game and my putting, and I've been putting well, so I think that's where my scores have gotten better.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  Winning in Scotland must have been a huge thing.

            CARLY BOOTH:  Yeah, it was a perfect first win, and playing for my sponsors sponsoring the event, so couldn't ask for a better first win.


            Q.  We are seeing a nice Scottish run, your own wins and Richie winning and Paul Lawrie playing in The Ryder Cup.  Do you know the men or do you follow them in could you talk a little about that, your own thoughts on it?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I know Paul Lawrie from previous ‑‑ well, the thing is, I have a boyfriend that plays on the men's Tour, so I tend to go to their events when I'm not playing myself.  So I do run into most of the guys.


            Q.  Who is that?

            CARLY BOOTH:  Tano Goya.  And yeah, I grew up with Richie, I'm not very close personally with them.  But Paul, with his Foundation, he's been a great asset to golf and it's good to see him doing well and it's nice to see all the Scots doing well.


            Q.  You spent some time in America before you turned professional.  How do you feel that's helped you at the Tour?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I think it was definitely a good experience for me.  I spent two years there and I learned to become more independent and a different way of playing and practising and going out and competing against difference players.  So it was definitely a great experience and definitely glad I did it.


            Q.  An obvious question ‑‑ do you think you're ready to win a major this week?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I'm certainly going to try, so fingers crossed.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  You were a very good amateur, how big of a jump is it to be a successful amateur to being a successful Tour player?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I think it was a lot harder than I expected.  I went through TOUR School easily, got my TOUR card, and I don't know, I think my expectation and everyone else's expectations were very high very quickly, and that's where I struggled a little bit.  I was trying to do it for everyone else and not just me.  So it was definitely a very good learning experience my first year.  It's a different lifestyle completely.  You're traveling week‑after‑week to different countries without family.  So it's good to make some friends on the Tour because otherwise it can be quite a lonely life.  I have some great friends.


            Q.  What do you think of the welcome you've had so far?

            CARLY BOOTH:  It's great.  I'm staying at my family's house, so it's nice to be around family.  Everyone's been great.  It's going to be a great week.  I've been looking forward to this week.


            Q.  What do you think the key is to attacking the course this week?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I think just everyone is going to have a bad hole out there, so I think just really take one hole at a time and stay patient is probably the key.


            Q.  Are you from Liverpool?

            CARLY BOOTH:  My mom is from Liverpool.  My dad lived here when he was 17.


            Q.  How well do you know Andy Murray and did you stay up to watch the final?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I didn't see it, no, but I heard it was a great final.  He's another Scottish sportsman that's doing well.


            Q.  Do you know him well?  Have you met him?

            CARLY BOOTH:  I played golf with his brother but I don't know Andy personally.


            Q.  Can you just talk about your thoughts on Lydia Ko?

            CARLY BOOTH:  Impressive.  It's crazy what she's achieved at 15.  I hear that she wants to continue high school and onto college.  The way she's doing right now, I don't see why but good on her.  Wish her the best this week also.

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