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Final Round Press Conference with Jiyai Shin

An Interview With:





            COLIN CALLANDER:  Many congratulations, just finishing 9‑under par to win by nine shots, fantastic performance.  Give us your first thoughts on your win.

            JIYAI SHIN:  Actually, I can't believe I get this again.  Finally and also I'm happy to finish today because I didn't want to play until Monday.  But today I played 36 holes, but finally done today.  And then it was a really, really tough and long day, because I played 36 holes with rain and wind, so really hard to keep focussed.  But it was work today.  So I feel a little tired now.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  You said earlier in the week, or several times, that winning the first time, this event the first time at Sunningdale, was one of the best things that happened to you; how does this one compare to the first one?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Actually, really hard, because when I won at the Sunningdale, it changed a lot of my life.

            This week, this win, I think it change, make another new change for me, because especially this year, last year and this year, I take a lot of tough time mentally and physically was really tough time the last couple years.

            But since ‑‑ from last week and this week, it changed my mentally and finally, yeah, really happy.


            Q.  Do you feel that with such a great score, you've tamed the Royal Liverpool golf course?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Not really.  I said yesterday, my goal was 1‑under par every single day.  So my goal was 4‑under.  I think it was enough score ‑‑


            Q.  You've gone better than that.

            JIYAI SHIN:  So I'm really surprised even from yesterday and then also today, I hit even par with 36 holes with this weather, so I'm really surprised and inspired by myself.  Because really tough course here, so when I finished it today, I'm just like, wow, I can play good score any, any other course, I'm pretty sure of that.


            Q.  Yesterday when you were with us, you said you were really, really confident of the five‑shot lead being enough.  At times players got within two shots of you; did that worry you at any point?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Actually, a little bit, it was a little bit, but I keep in mind about, oh, okay, I'm still in the lead, still two‑shot lead.  So just be calm and just trust myself and keep talking by myself.


            Q.  Are these the worst conditions you've ever played in, and if not, what was?

            JIYAI SHIN:  I think yeah, it was (laughing).  Today worst, but it was really fun because every hole, I laugh, because it was ‑‑ how can I say, challenge.  Even when I played in Asia, like Korea and Japan when the weather's bad sometimes when I'm playing, I played a couple holes and then they just cancel the tournament.

            But today, I'm really surprised they keep pushing to finish today, but it was great experience for me and a challenge all the time.


            Q.  Were you on 11 tee when play was suspended?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Yes.


            Q.  At that point what are you thinking the chances are that you'll get this round done?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Actually it was really heavy rain with very strong winds like this.  So I'm not sure about finishing today, and then in my head, I think about the Monday play again.  But like ten minutes later, the weather is getting better and sun comes out.  So after that, I made another birdie, so I'm pretty sure I'm a good player.


            Q.  You have now completed ‑‑ players from Asia won every major this year; how do you explain that?

            JIYAI SHIN:  First major tournament, winning the very focussed, keep focussed to the fairway, keeping the fairway every hole, that's the key for the major tournaments I think.  And actually I didn't play last two major tournaments, so it really feels like a little bit bad that I'm missing to play in the major tournaments.

            So when I got to here, I think so many Asia players are playing at the moment on the LPGA Tour, so it makes a lot of chance to win.  Especially, I don't know ‑‑ I don't know how can I say, I didn't play last two major tournaments, but I played in Nabisco and here.  Well, I work so hard, I guess that's why I get this trophy, but, I don't know, I know all the other players doing their best and they work hard, too.  So it makes it just happen.


            Q.  As it was getting later and later, darker and darker, were you getting worried again that you might not even get the 18 finished?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Yeah, I worry about that.  In England, they play for so long, I'm thinking, okay, let's finish.  Our group, we keep talking about, let's play quick and make the finish.


            Q.  Have you dried off from your water‑soaking at the end, when you got wet at the end?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Oh, yeah.


            Q.  Have you dried off now?  Are you okay?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Yeah, much better now.  After when she ‑‑ I talk to her, I'm freezing now.  But she says congratulations to me and I really thank her for waiting and doing together the ceremony.


            Q.  I understand you went back to Korea for two months?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Yes.


            Q.  What did you do over there for two months?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Actually, I had a hand operation, but it takes all my left arm and shoulders and all my left side makes it weak.  So I worked really hard just my balance programme and then actually, I lost a lot of power in my left arms and shoulders.  So less pain, but every day I went to the hospital for the recovery.


            Q.  So was it physical training?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Yes, I did, because my right side is getting stronger because I'm not using my left side.  So normal after surgery, right side is muscle and slowly it's getting better.  So first I try to make it same level, like match the balance.


            Q.  So when did you start playing again?

            JIYAI SHIN:  I played a Japan event before the Evian.


            Q.  What about practise?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Like actually, I didn't practise that much because I can't hold a club, even I can't hold clubs for almost one month and a half.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  Did you finish second in that Japanese event?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Third.


            Q.  Now, you say it's about focus; but through the holes, what was your favourite and least favourite holes?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Well, I can say this is another favourite course, so hard to pick one favourite hole.  I played great No. 12, I made three birdies in four rounds.  Actually this course is amazing, lot of bunkers, we have to hit it perfect every shot.  So a little bit hard to say favourite hole, but I like the first hole, too.  I made a triple‑bogey today but it makes it more of a challenge.


            Q.  (Inaudible.)

            JIYAI SHIN:  Yesterday after when I finished yesterday, he talked a lot, okay, you've done great today, so just keep talking a lot.  It was a little bit of stress but it definitely helped.  And then finally I get the psychology teacher, she's from Japan, I met her a couple of times, three times, and I look forward to see her again, my new teacher.


            Q.  Is she Japanese?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Yeah, she's Japanese.


            Q.  Do the Japanese psychology teachers tell you to smile?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Actually, yeah, she says the last couple years ‑‑ when I said I take a tough time, that means I heard so many things about people, they talking about me.  Because I've been away the last two years, they say, what's your problem, what's your problem.

            So I take a lot of stress from what people saying about me.  She says just trust yourself, just don't worry about the people who they are talking about me.  After that, I try to focus on myself and then I trust myself to make the smile.


            Q.  You said last week when you had your new caddie on the bag, he kept you calm, and you learned a little bit French; did you learn any other new phrases and is that something you did again this week?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Actually I learn about the wind like each week, or wind sideways.  I'm happy with my new work with my new caddie because he make me feel relaxed.  Actually he's one year younger than me, but he like tried to be relaxed on the golf course and I really appreciate my caddie.


            Q.  Not too bad, two wins in two weeks with him, right?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Good start.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  Just for the record, can we go through the birdies and bogeys?

            JIYAI SHIN:  I hit a lot of shots on the first hole.  I hit driver, missed it right side of the fairway and I hit it ‑‑ looks okay, but so I tried to hit it hard with a 3‑wood but going only 30 yards on the left side a lot, and I hit a 7‑iron front of the green and I hit it 20 yards to the hole with a 60‑degree wedge.

            And then still about 20 feet left and I hit 3‑putt.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  The sixth hole?

            JIYAI SHIN:  I hit a 19‑degree hybrid and another 20‑ ‑foot putt and made that.

            7, I hit a 3‑wood and hit a 9‑iron, and it was another 20 feet.  Oh, my putting was good.

            Then I missed my tee shot, fairway in the bunker, and hit it just outside the bunker and I hit 19 degree hybrid into the wind and 2‑putt.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  You had a delay on 11 and then bogeyed that hole?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Yeah, hit a driver and hit a 5‑iron and missed the green right side, short right side.  Another 20 yards chip shot and then missed that putt.

            13, I hit 7‑iron about 15 feet to the hole.

            15, I hit 8‑iron about 12 feet.

            16, I hit 3‑wood and then I hit 19‑degree hybrid.  It was in the bunker like 45 yards to the hole.  But just hit it great and like one ‑foot putt.

            17, I hit a driver.  I hit a great shot with my driver and then I hit it great with my 3‑wood but still I couldn't catch ‑‑ 50 yards to the hole and then 54‑degree wedge, I hit it on the third shot, and 2‑putt, 15 feet.


            Q.  Next week what will you do?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Tomorrow I go back to Korea for a couple of days, and then actually my plan is go to the Miyazaki for the training on Thursday.

            COLIN CALLANDER:  Going to have a party?

            JIYAI SHIN:  Big celebration, yeah, why not.  I'm ready to go.

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